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Tailor ALL of the things!



I used to make plushies. I enjoyed it a lot but they just weren’t lucrative enough for me to keep doing so I decided that I’d rather do something I love, and make them for friends and family rather than profit, and get my degree in something I loved. Cool? Cool.

So I started working on my degree, and it’s great. Then I get this great internship, and start shopping for clothes that make me look less slummy than I usually do. Except that uh, yeah everything I look at looks like garbage. Neat dude! I like the cut and color, but I try it on and it fits like a garbage bag. And that’s because off the rack clothes are meant to fit everyone within a given size threshold.

Now I am a certified cheap ass. I have no problem admitting that. I don’t want to spend a lot of money on clothing that I’m only going to wear 40 hours a week that I hate. So either I’m going to have to start dressing better (boo), or not spend very much on this wardrobe upgrade. That’s much more my speed. Which means Mervyns, Sears, Toy’R’Us...I think I’m funny. Costco and Target. Cheap, available and affordable, because I hate shopping and I’d rather spend money on other things.

Now here’s the brilliant part. As mentioned above... I already know how to sew! But stupidly, it took me a really long time to connect the two for some reason? Basically I started tailoring my own clothes. And I mean all of thems. I started with a Fluttershy shirt I’ve had forever. I ended up cutting off 6 inches of fabric from the sides, slimming the silhouette of the shirt to thank of something that actually fit me, saving it from going to Good Will into something back in my regular rotation.

So, if anyone wants to join me in tailoring everything they own, where do you start? (My husband’s clothes won’t be saved from this treatment either) I got you. The YouTube channel Stylish Dad has been really helpful. He gave me the confidence to actually take scissors to my clothes and wasn’t just like “take a shirt that fits you, and use that as a pattern!” What if I don’t have that, you ass? Anyway, super helpful channel, and clothes that fit you are just sexier than clothes designed to fit everyone. And with that, I’m off to cut up more of my wardrobe.

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