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Most Attractive Paladins Characters (Tier List)



Of course note my sexuality here. I am gay so I cannot in all good conscience place female characters on this list. I will also only place human characters as well, so no Pip or the et cetera. Since Androxus will also not be on this list due to the curse that afflicted his body turning it into something that is debatably not human as well. Khan WILL be on this list because although you can't see his face or any part of his body through his armor in the base skin, you can with the Amerikhan skin, and he is human. 


SS: Fernando, Koga

S: Jenos, Khan, Sha'Lin

A:  Strix, Viktor, Buck, Atlas, Lex,

B: Zhin, Mal'Damba


By the way, the aforementioned stipulations are why the tier list has been placed here instead of on Guru like my tier list by my opinions of how powerful each individual champion is in the current meta. (Here's a link to it if you want to check it out)


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1 hour ago, mini said:

viktor is S tier with his old appearance

new appearance is a strong F

I honestly think the way he looks now is actually better, though I wish they didn't do it anyways. It doesn't fit his voice whatsoever.

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