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Development Update 6/25/2019



Time for another development update!


The game's development over this past month has been... awfully slow. Sure, we're getting the sprites we so desperately need to populate the game world now, but there's one more thing we SORELY need before we can progress any further:


Back when the game was still on Maradice Isle itself, I could get away with doing all the tilesets myself because I was creating each area as I went along. However, now that we've moved on to Equestria, well... it's getting a little harder to do the tilesets in such a way that they do the TV show justice. I don't think I'm up to the task.

We really need more folks over here to help with the tilesets. If you think your up to the task, please let me know, and feel free to join the project's development Discord server using this invite code: "VabKgSC". We need help badly if this project is ever going to get any further.

*** 2. A.I. ***

I've added an Auto-Battle function into the game. This will allow you to tell the game to do the battles for you while you go make a sandwich or something. Be warned though: It's not perfect, and it does tend to use random skills whenever it wants, so if your getting into trouble, make sure to hit the "CANCEL" button to stop the A.I. and retake control of the game yourself.

*** 3. IN CONCLUSION ***

I'm really sorry that I couldn't provide more information for you in this post, but without the needed tilesets for the next area, we can't make anymore progress. So if you know anyone who could help with the tilesets, or if you think your able to do it, then let me know right away.

Thanks for your time, and have a great day!


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