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(Great now I'm copying people again)


NOTE: All mon-centric lists only have one Pokemon per evolutionary line. Eeveelutions work because each evolution of Eevee is in its own seperate line, branching from Eevee.



(Top 15)


  1. Dusknoir (Ghost) [IV]
  2. Grovyle (Grass) [III]
  3. Pikachu (Electric) [1]
  4. Rayquaza (Dragon, Flying) [III]
  5. Krookodile (Dark, Ground) [V]
  6. Litwick (Fire, Ghost) [V]
  7. Articuno (Flying, Ice) [1]
  8. Ampharos (Electric) [II]
  9. Infernape (Fire, Fighting) [IV]
  10. Crawdaunt (Water, Dark) [III]
  11. Azumarill (Water, Fairy) [II]
  12. Honchkrow (Dark, Flying) [IV]
  13. Umbreon (Dark) [II]
  14. Scrafty (Fighting, Dark) [V]
  15. Roserade (Grass, Poison) [IV]



(Top 5 from each, except Gens 6 and 7 will only have top 3 as I've only played the games through Gen 5 at this point.)


  • Gen 1- Pikachu, Articuno, Dugtrio, Clefable, Vileplume
  • Gen 2- Ampharos, Azumarill, Furret, Umbreon, Espeon 
  • Gen 3- Grovyle, Rayquaza, Crawdaunt, Breloom, Shedinja
  • Gen 4- Dusknoir, Infernape, Honchkrow, Roserade, Starraptor
  • Gen 5- Litwick, Krookodile, Scrafty, Bisharp, Snivy
  • Gen 6- Sylveon, Doublade, Heliolisk
  • Gen 7- Guzzlord, Palossand, Vikavolt
  • Gen 8- :dry:


(Top 3 from each)


  • Fire- Litwick, Infernape, Typhlosion
  • Water- Crawdaunt, Azumarill, Starmie
  • Grass- Grovyle, Roserade, Vileplume
  • Electric- Pikachu, Ampharos, Luxray
  • Poison- Roserade, Vileplume, Scolipede
  • Bug- Scizor, Vikavolt, Shedinja
  • Steel- Bisharp, Lucario, Doublade
  • Rock- Tyranitar, Lycanroc, Aggron
  • Ground- Krookodile, Dugtrio, Palossand
  • Fighting- Infernape, Scrafty, Lucario 
  • Psychic- Espeon, Starmie, Gallade
  • Dark- Krookodile, Crawdaunt, Honchkrow
  • Ice- Articuno, Weavile, Froslass
  • Ghost- Dusknoir, Litwick, Palossand
  • Flying- Rayquaza, Articuno, Honchkrow
  • Dragon- Rayquaza, DIalga, Guzzlord
  • Normal- Starraptor, Furret, Munchlax
  • Fairy- Azumarill, Sylveon, Clefable


Favorite and Least Favorite Types, Regions, and Overall Generations

(All are Top 3)


Favorite Types: Dark, Ghost, Electric

Least Favorite Types: Rock, Bug, Poison

Favorite Regions: Sinnoh, Hoenn, Unova

Favorite Generations: Gen 4, Gen 5, Gen 3


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