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My Lent Plan



So I am not avidly religious, but I still follow vague Christian festivals and beliefs (to a certain extent). Anyway one of the 'festivals' that I look forward to is the one of Lent. This time allows me to develop new habits or get rid of bad habits and has done me in good stead so far: cutting down sugar, reducing Youtube time, getting me to journal and a handful of others. I would prefer for the challenge to do or make something as this gives me either a new skill (in the very least new knowledge) and something I can show or tell people about afterwards.

So in light of that, this year I am going to use this commitment program to actually get some good work done on my robotics project I have been meaning to get into for the last 3 months. I will be creating a seperate blog for its progress as there will be a load of entries and I don't want to clog this one. I will still make entries here during this period.

The only problem with this plan is that though it is cool and exciting:pinkie: it is already something I have done before:okiedokieloki:. Given that I want to go into robotics and programming I have made a handful already. So I was thinking of maybe adding something on top, something that is not so goal oriented which I can do in spare time rather than watching Youtube or Netflix for hours on end with nothing at the end to demonstrate. I also realise that I haven't really done anything mlp related (except the base traced and amalgamated profile picture) at all on these forums, which I found quite desturbing.

So as a bonus project I am going to try out sketching/cartooning, focusing on mlp and more specifically my OC. This is a skill I've wanted to develop but always had the excuse: 'I have no time', all I want to do is 10-15 minutes a day doing a quick sketch. Importantly, there is no goal, I can't 'fail' and it's a brand new skill so I will certainly mess up (probably for the whole period of 46 days). I will post the sketches in my status feed to liven it up a little bit and make it more pony orientated. However, this is a side quest so I may miss some days:lie:.

Quick thing to note, though it is sometimes believed that Lent is 40 days it is in fact 46 days. The extra 6 days are the Sundays, in terms of Christainty Sunday is a day of rest so in theory you do not have to complete Lent during these days. However, to keep the ball rolling I am doing the full 46 with no breaks.

Looking forward to the season and I hope I make something to interest you or inspire you to do something yourself.

stay healthy.


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