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It's Been A Good Minute



     Hello Everypony, It's been a good hot minute since I last made a proper blog update on the MLP Forums. I'm talking nearly 4 years :adorkable:

And to catch up on the folks and friends I made here on the MLP forums, I'd thought I'd share a semi-detailed summary on where I am today, what I'm doing, and to update here that I still exist lol. 



     What I'm doing most these days is focusing a lot on music and sound production. My goal is to be able to make a better income out of music whether it be live or in the studio. Drums is still home base for me 

and I've been expanding my horizons with different styles of music as I'm now part of an online melodic metal band "Alicore". Paired with the drum session work, I've slowly been building a workflow to collab for 

musicians and my own projects.

     I've also been very productive in my self-released electronic music as Whirlwind as I am currently working on my next full-length album of music. I hope to continue making music inspired by MLP. Things have been kind of tricky bouncing back and forth to non-pony and pony projects.


Building a community

     Another focus I've been doing is building a community with my skills, interests, and services. Currently the Whirlwind Studios Youtube channel just hit 1,500 subscribers and it's been on a steady incline as of late. I know

these aren't huge numbers, but for those here that like what I do I really appreciate your time to enjoy the things I love doing. The fact you took time to enjoy my videos is everything I could ask for. 

And though Youtube isn't my sole priority nowadays thanks to the tyrannical bullies at Google, I've been on a roll with weekly uploads and connecting with friends in my semi-private discord server dedicated to the channel. 

My end goal is to build Whirlwind Studios into a working income and reach out to real world clients and hopefully give back with the skills I can provide with music, sound production, and recording. 


On Other Social Platforms

     This is the point to prove I'm not silent everywhere. I'm mostly active on discord in terms of brony fandom activities. My discord tag is Whirlwind#5744 if you want to give me a poke in case some old friends on here 

want to chat and catch up. I also use Twitter sometimes as an extra form of reach from the channel and post some of my "bloggish" thoughts and studio updates there. 

Outside of that I'm on instagram under my real name and for Business Inquiries I'm always available on email.


Still into pony?

You are Celestia Damn right I'm still into My little pony! I still Love MLP:FIM the same way as I did getting into the fandom. 

That being said, for projects and future releases has been kind of hard to really focus on mlp. I've been building that bridge right between non-fandom related content and fandom related content.

But I'm still very into pony.


     Thank you all for taking the time to read this entry. I don't normally use the mlp forums anymore, but there are certain people I've met on here and I think it's good to catch up and keep this profile active. 

Hope you all have a happy holidays and a happy new year.





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