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I've shared this with some close friends and members of my discord server, but for those who don't know. I have pony based dreams. Not as frequent as they used to be, 
but they still happen periodically nowadays. But this dream I had from a 30 minute nap was super deep and soul inducing. I just have to share it.

To briefly summarize of what I remembered, I fell asleep listening to the album nuovo morceau subrosa by Electronic artist BT.
Which is a drone/ambient album full of luscious soundscapes and granular synths. 

During my slumber I was transported to a different dimension. I started in equestria as I layed down under some trees neighboring the everfree forest
until a calming wind which ended up getting more rapid was able to take my pony body and levitate me into another portal. 
A scene in the blissful cosmos. Having no idea where I was, I didn't care as I heard gentle sweeps of ambience fill my soul 
and feel every frequency tremble down my body. 
I look up and see Princess Celestia holding me in her wings. They were soft, elegant, and soothing as she looked down upon me. 
My conscious fell deeper as I've never felt this relaxed. I start picturing all the events surrounded with my experiences with My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. 
This included imagery from the show, convention experiences, dream like landscapes, and even a brief moment of the mane 6 being surrounded in my presence. 
As these images begin to fade, I look back towards Celestia as she calmly states "Memories might fade over time, but we will always be around in your needs" 

Around this time my alarm went off, I slowly began waking up from this peaceful dream in doing so everything seemed to fall out of focus 
and somewhat vanish and that's when I officially woke back up still listening to music in my headphones.

This is something I'm still feeling and thinking about it. I want more of it. I should do something with it.


Just something I wanted to share. 

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