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This blog will include random stuff and events that I have going on

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Captain Whirlwind

Like the title. I need to get this off my chest.
It certainly has been a while since my grandfather died (a little over 4 years).
He died from committing suicide. Definitely one of the saddest points in my life as well as my fathers.
But lately I've been thinking back to myself on how far I've gotten passed his passing. I think to myself how happy he would have been to to see me graduate high school, see me run Cross country, and for me and my dad, see our desired pinball machine collection. I could just imagine him being very happy.


Sometimes I do let go of him, but right now I've been remembering him

Captain Whirlwind

Yesterday I started school again. I'm looking forward in English and Photography.......But not Math :( :(
I've had a lifelong battle with math in general. I was never good with it to begin with with.
I could get all the help I can whether it's tutors, extra class hours, note takers, and I still would fail the class.
I experienced this back in High school when I took geometry. I tried my absolute hardest and I got a D in the class
both semesters :(


I'm completely saddened by why I'm in such a bad position. It's also getting very difficult to find guidance and accept what God is putting me though. I can hardly find any hope.
It's all ending and my parents are gonna be fucking loudmouths saying how bad I did in school.
I'm lost for what to do next. I need help

Captain Whirlwind

At the beginning of the month I was at one of the lowest points of my life. However in recent days and maybe even weeks, I discovered what reality was starting to shape me into. And with the beautiful love and kindness from my amazing pastor, he had managed to understand how I felt and how to deal with my inner depressions and sadness. I kept talking with him on subjects dealing with rest and spiritual healing, and just by talking it out made me understand who I was and this was beginning to make me think on who I want to be. As I prayed to God with my pastor, me, and my best friend I no longer had to embark the pain. The pain was slowly draining and I became more aware of my inner emotions.
From each day there on it slowly but surly keeps getting better and better. I'm starting to feel the love and tolerance from my closest friends in real life and some even online. Each day I spend at least an hour reading the Bible. Spiritually I'm getting healthier every day and it has such a wonderful feeling that I sometimes couldn't even imagine myself ever feeling well in a while.
However the best of the best happened 5 days ago when I was at the church taking the main stage playing the drums for my worship band in front of 100's of beautiful people who show their expressions under Christ. After that service I talked with one of the pastors. I told him that I've always wanted to project my life into others. Whether it's my distance running stories, life lessons, or Christ I am getting the opportunity to become a leader to my church's high school camp on the Stockton river delta.
I grew up going there and witnessed the most amazing things ever. But being able to be a leader and knowing younger kids, just is amazing dream that can come true.
The future is so bright!

Captain Whirlwind

A special message to everybody I met and every Staff member on the MLP Forums.


A long time ago I was supposed to do a drawing for most forum users I made great friendships with. But School being the biggest priority I only got 4 of them done out of the 10.
But you know what, The brony fandom and this site community is by far the greatest gift I could ever receive. I don't have many friends in real life, and it feels so much better to have a group of friends for you to comfort me everyday. I am LITERALLY crying tears of joy writing this entry, but seriously. Thank you very very very very much for accepting my friendship and a super big thank you to the staff who keep this place a second home for me.


You guys make me the happiest person I could ever be. I give all of my love in return to the best place I ever found.
Thank you very much, and happy holidays.



Captain Whirlwind

Hello. I am glad to announce the official scheduling for my very own Christmas party Watch2gether celebration.
This Watch2gether will consist a pony video playlist I created myself.
I will also host a Group Skype call to stream with the videos to those who have skype. (I'll message some for those who want to do that)


But If you want to just watch videos, feel free to join the stream. I will post a link on the forums this Saturday December 10th

Captain Whirlwind

the following texts are my experience of my pony hypnosis
I chose to do a visit to Equestria.


During the relaxation and deep trance stages I was told with audio files that I was on the Equestria train and that as I'm relaxing, I can see all the places I see. I passed through dodge junction, Appleoosa, and the Everfree forest. When the train was stopping at the station to my destination, I began to take the steps out into my journey to Equestria. As I get off the train and exit the station i feel a nice cool breeze in my mane and look out in front of me. I was in ponyville! I started trotting into the streets and seeing every building in ponyville you can imagine. However the weird thing about this was that there was no pony in sight! Yeah. It was all quiet and calm. I could hear the birds chirping around me and some squirrels running across the streets. As I continue trotting I see sugarcube corner. My smile widened and I slowly trott into sugarcube corner. I look around and everything was just like you see in the show. Cakes! Cupcakes! Carrot cakes! And of course muffins!!! Still no pony but me was around but I walked up and down sugarcube corner and when I was done. I left the building.
(End of part 1)


(Part 2)
....As I left sugarcube corner I started trotting to the other side of ponyville. I see just about everything you see in the show like the pony statue. Town hall and and Granny Smith's apple cart. As I wander to the other side of Ponyville I see Twilight's castle in front of my eyes. I immediately started galloping to the front doors feeling the wind stream through my mane and tail. As I come up to the door I slowly pushed it open and I see the beautiful and huge hallways that lead to the cutie map I started walking with my jaw dropped in awww as I eventually make it to the cutie map. The cutie map was glowing in my face. I look around and I see the 6 thrones of Twilight, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and Rarity all empty with no pony in the castle. As I started to leave the castle I started jumping up and down just to "test" to see how much I can control my mind in my deep trance. I trotted out the building and make it to my next destination.
(End of part 2)


(Part 3)
As I trott through the rest of ponyville I eventually arrive to my next destination which was right across the river. Rarity's boutique was in my eyes. As i trott over the bridge I look over the water and I see my pony face. It was the face of my OC/Ponysona, Whirlwind. I start slowly smiling and then I continue walking across the bridge to Carousel Boutique.
I walk up to the door and slowly lushed it with my hoof and hear the little door bell chime as I walk in. Everything was "fabulous" :D
I look around the boutique and notice the pony mannequins with dresses on them. One of them had a very cool grey tuxedo. I also look into the corner and Notice Opalescence sleeping in her bed. I silently mumbled "awwww" and attempted to pet her and she immediately was startled when I put my hoof on her back. I jumped back and look up at the stair well. And slowly walk up it.
As I make my way to the top I see the upper room and notice Rarity's huge bed and more mannequins. But THEN. I slowly look at the desk and see a working sewing machine and Rarity making dresses.
I gradually walk up to her and say, "hello Rarity". Rarity startles "OH HEAVENS!....." I reply, "oh....hehe I didn't mean to scare you"
"I'm glad to see somepony walk into my boutique. So mr......" Rarity stated,
"Oh, I'm Whirlwind". I said.
"Well Whirlwind. Are you into any of my products or clothing today"? Rarity asked.
"Um.....Well would you look at the time, I need to get to get going". I said as I trott down the stairway back to the front door. As soon I I get out of the store and cross back over to the bridge I started yelling in excitement, "OMG! OMG!!! HOLY FREAKING CRAP! THIS IS AWESOME!!!! Oh my LORD". I then started galloping through ponyville with excitement and I somehow run into the ponyville schoolhouse.
Then I start to regain more of my body's control and I wake up out of my hypnosis.


The end

Captain Whirlwind

Hi everypony.


I want to make Christmas this year very special to my heart. Last year was the darkest time of my life, so I
want to make this year super special to me and to you.


My main goal is to project my heart to others across the MLP forums and the rest of the Brony community.
I will generously be doing special presents and gifts to most of the members who have remained dear to my heart.
The gifts would mostly be hand drawings or something else :o


But I love you all. I will also host a Watch2gether of pony videos on December 16th or 17th as a celebration with you all.


God Bless you all

Captain Whirlwind

Okay. So in the past few weeks a lot of things have been happening. I've got sick with a brutal cold and my grades are dropping rapidly. But the thing that I absolutely am sad and mad over is that I'm trying hard to maintain my grades and nothing significant happens. And once I complete an assignment that I get a bad grade on my grade drops even farther down the spiral. :( :(
I don't know how to get over this and it's really affecting my life in such a bad way

Captain Whirlwind

Okay. The time has finally come to conclude my political opinion on Hillary Rodham Clinton.
It's no surprise to see me go against Hillary and have my vote to Donald Trump. I myself am a standard Republican. Though that doesn't mean I will vote for a Republican candidate for anything every time. We all have our personal views on our Nation and can vote for whoever we want. AND THATS HOW I ALWAYS WANT POLITICS TO BE! It should always be policies vs policies and for me I believe Donald Trump has better policies than Hillary Clinton. But I have NO PROBLEM with anybody voting for Hillary because she has better policies. I mean I can't control your opinion.


But the outcome of the DNC and Hillary Clinton at this stage is just wrong. It's a complete disgrace to our country. And WikiLeaks was right saying she has one face in public and another face in private. She cannot be trusted. She's insulted the Catholics calling their religion Bastartdized, insulted Trump supporters calling them deplorable, calling Bernie Sanders supporters "Basement Dwellers". I am completely surprised that nobody has asked this women who has commited crimes, corrupted our FBI, corrupted our Justice department, why hasn't anybody tell her to step down. It is unbelivable that this is happening with our country and makes me cry that the mainstream media is so evil to cover this up and not think it's a big deal. I love seeing our nation safe but I truly think our nation is at full risk of danger and corruption if Hillary is elected in office.


But again your vote matters. Whoever you vote for regarding policies is important to see that America has a political view. I don't care who you vote for. But let me be honest here......If you vote for Hillary Clinton just because she is a women, you're dead to me.

Captain Whirlwind

Entry # 26 ?

Entry title says most of it already.


For a VERY long time now, I have been wanting to do things to contribute to the fandom (just for fun)
or even start thing with youtube in general. The major problem with all of this is equipment, software and
a few other things. But I don't know how to start things on youtube without busting a bank.


My main things I want to make videos on youtube is for roller coaster reviews, my little pony comic dubs/fanfic read, show reviews and analysis and much more...


But I don't know where to start. Do you have advice

Captain Whirlwind

I've been over the top stressful lately. And my mind and body can't take it anymore because of my pathetic procrastination.
Yes it is a sting in the tail, but I feel like i try real hard to not put off my things that are important because I do have a daily schedule and routine marked out for homework.
Yet I still put off any project that is research based. Because if it's a topic I don't like at heart, then all I care about is everything else except for that

Captain Whirlwind

Now before I get into any of this, Please remember I am not ranting on the Poniverse staff in any way. If anyone takes offense to anything I say I am 1000% apologetic. Anyways....


There is no reason for me to bail out


Well, with all of the events taking place recently, I'm just glad that I was not a part of it in any way. But What really upsets me and kinda gets me sad is the fact that all of these great forums members who I've got to know are just simply riding with the victim. I will admit the things the chair of poniverse says can be unacceptable but I don't give a fuck if he does anything to me. Because not matter how much of a jerk you are I would never leave these forums as a thing in the past.


My main purpose on here is to make friends, spread love, and fulfill others with such joy. I believe that the more I project my voice here with my love, I can make the community connect better.
Again. I am very disheartened by the fact we are all "crying" over this. We should not be ignorant on the ones who are in need of help, we should reach out a helping hoof and improve the lives of others.


Because no matter how sad, depressed, angry, and hopeless you are
There should be no hate under this fandom
Just brothers and sisters

Captain Whirlwind

I've been going through many life situations in the past month. And one of those has to deal with God. I realized that there is much more in life to come. And though my moods aren't exactly great all the time, or that I'm not updated with the show sometimes, I've held the friends I know here to the closest to my heart.


I have been really glorified under God. And the Glory he has, gave me friends from church in return. I've never been so thankful in my life to achieve this. And even though I'm having a hard relationship with my family right now, I believe that my purpose is to spread the word of Christ, friendship, and Love.


I am more than thankful to find amazing people on this site. I will be a part of this fandom forever. But what I really want to do is make the world love one another, even when I can get lonely sometimes

Captain Whirlwind

I've been in the fandom for 3 1/2 years now. And a little while back I've mentioned that Rainbow Dash is my possible Tulpa. But Over the years, on some days I would imagine there are ponies walking around in my everyday life.
I sometimes feel like I can talk to them and do other things with them.


Is this okay?

Captain Whirlwind

So recently I've been having thoughts on turning my bedroom into a home recording studio. And I've been doing research for the things I would need, and i realized that it is pretty Possible to do this!
Because I have a pretty decent sized bedroom. I'm able to fit my drum kit in there :)
And all I need would be a mic kit, some acoustic panels (to control the sound of the drums) and mic interface. because I already have the drum kit, my laptop and recording software.


I've already imaged it to see if I could pull it off. And I can barely do it, my only concern is keeping the wires from the mics out of the way.
This will be really cool! I can record drum tracks for people seeking for drums for there music and probably make a little bit of money. And I can record for bronies who make music Too!

Captain Whirlwind

Well the title says it all.
I really don't like myself right now. I like everyone else, but I hate myself


I don't like what I'm doing, I don't even have a job or a source of income.
All I got is God and you guys. I just don't even know how to handle it. If I can make others happy
then why can't I make myself happy. I can't even connect with anyone on college campus.


I just feel like a complete mess and my body is rotting. I don't know what to do :(>_>

Captain Whirlwind

It's been quite a long time since I last made a blog entry.
That being said, nothing special has really happened to me. And in fact sometimes even worse.
I've happily connected with my college group at church which was the best thing to happen this summer so far.


But The job world is seriously beating me up. I'm trying my best to land on a job opening and hope to get an interview.
So far nothing has happened. Which makes me sad.


And even though I've spoke with my college group, I'm still suffering from minor loneliness
because of the fact half the time, I can't do the things I like and the other half is cause I don't have a job


But I'm pretty much holding on to the edge of a building. I'm not going down

Captain Whirlwind

So about two weeks ago, a close friend of mine got in a serious car accident. I don't know much how the accident played out, but it gave my friend Robert severe brain damage and internal bleeding.


on Wednesday June 15th 2016, Robert passed away
I've silently managed to cope with this. It's not easy and it's very heartbreaking.
However I can handle talking out again

Captain Whirlwind

I may have only been on this site for around 5 months, but the amount of people I got to talk to
and helped escape my darker time frame from before makes me be thankful to you people here
I don't have that many true friends that mean a lot to me, but seeing what some of you people have done to me makes me feel like I have a brother/sister. I love talking to people here. Not just about the show but about our daily lives. Thats what make me connect with you guys here.


I just wanted to say, Thank you. Thank you for everything.
You guys have made me better person and opened the door to new friendships
It really does mean a lot to me