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MLP Gameloft Headcannons~



I do love those little town-building games, especially when they're lower key on the whole forcing you to use special, rare currencies to goad you into online purchases. My Little Pony does have one, and it helps me get creative, thinking of it like a special Alternate Universe timeline to Equestria, one where I meddle, hehe!

Twilight, having both demanded my presence and sat me down at a desk in her library, sternly addressing me:

 "...So. Because you, as you claim, 'got here late' you decided to use a Time Reversal spell and reset Equestria back before everything happened with me & my friends, decimating Ponyville and enshrouding the land in darkness under irremovable, overcast clouds."

My fuzzy, noodle head wobbling in place, both eyes pointed at different walls.
Ayup! Dat sounds about raght!

Twilight, holding a hoof to her forehead. "...and you see nothing, whatsoever immorally wrong with this situation?"


... "Well, You WILL be helping out with the rebuilding then."



 So! As added incentive, and to play on the part that she's now stuck back in her Nightmare Moon form, I have brought Luna in to playact the part of the villain as we doggidly reclaim our home!

Luna, awkwardly: "Oh, do not worry subjects. I am fully in control of mine own facilities this time around, and I doth swear that this do be most cathartic for mine self. ...U-uhm. I mean. I hath brought-eth the calamity on you all ponies all! What with the bringing of the darkness and such of eternal...a-and such! Ha-HAH-ha."

Your efforts to... um, enter dark patches of the land? By piling gems in specific areas? U-um... SHALL BE IN VAIN! HA-HA.

 ...I... I don't quite get how we undo the shadows." 

We pay the clouds to go away.

"That doesn't make much sen-"   Chaos Magic.   "Ah. Right. Carry on then."



So~! Since we need massive amounts of funds to rebuild, and the societal structures and all buildings of our culture have been decimated for unknown reasons, I have been enlisted to come up with teambuilding exercises to work together and earn bits!

 Through enough training of these fun little minigames, Celestia here will grant you *Maagical Wiiings!* to help clear out the magically dense clouds!

Celestia, flatly: "It's a pretty basic spell, honestly. A parlor trick, frankly. But, uh, morale is important in these times."

The amassed crowd of ponies, grumbling & unconvinced.
And as added incentive, while you're up there, you can keep any of the special Bits i've made to float, inexplicably, up there! These babies are solid gold! Turns around and hoists up to show a two-foot wide, golden coin.
 Crowd of ponies breathes with excitement, now convinced to help.



Canterlot too, has been decimated & enshrouded under dense clouds and a darkness too dark to even walk through. (though honestly, apart from not being able to walk in shadowy sections, that's the full extent of the magic clouds) With Canterlot decimated and the Changelings' cultural advancement of form "reset" Chrysalis launches a new assault on Canterlot by having changeling spys infiltrate as copies of citizens... often multiples of the same pony. In an effort to combat this & rebuild society, a new city planner has arisen to form a plan. An heir to a paving-stone & and roadmaker conglomerate, he has deigned that with tight boarders of shrubs, trees and other decorations, ponies will have to walk single-file, in orderly, easily monitored paths. Granted somewhat control over security to catch any suspicious acting citizens, Canterlot lies mainly under the neurotic, obsessive, orderly tyranny of this wormy, pale stallion by the name of Psy K. Path.

"Stay! On! The PAAATH!!"

"You just... hurdled over my hedges. That is... why would you... DOCKED WAAAGES!"


"I saw that! You clipped my perfectly manicured cobblestone PATH with your fat, clumsy hoof! You know how many workers I pay to make those?! GUARDS! BEHEAD THEM! NOW!!" 

"Sir, we don't do that."  "Well then, Whack them with something to see if they're a changeling spy! What do I pay you for?!!?"


 "Where are the wageslaves I contractually hired for my sedan chair?! What, No!! I will not allow *wheels* on my precious slate pavingstone roads! That's Changeling propaganda! You want the changelings to WIN do you?!!?"



I do love the idea that numerous other characters are brought in, seemingly before they ever had their own role in the show or movies. Like Thumbsuck Dimmer! I mean, Sunset Shimmer! Where she never defected and absconded off to the human world, but got stuck in a dead-end pizza joint job and still kept an air of superiority and being naturally too good at the chores needed to rebuild society. She got too bored with the games ponies played to gain coins and put all her energy into being the best Pizza Joint manager there is.
"Look, Kid. Ize can tell ya destined fa' dis job."
Sunset: "But... My cutie mark is a solar eclipse. I'm clearly supposed to be a member of royalty, surpassing even Cel-"

"Yeh, but youse yellow n' red. Ya a pizza mare. Ya want ya paycheck or what?"    "Sigh... yes. .... twelve years of Magic theory & training..."

 "HAHA! You may have joined first and founded the way as employee worksmareship in this Pizzaria, Twilight Velvet! But I, through vigorous training, have surpassed you in all ways! The reign of pizza delivery to the members of Canterlot shall be ruled solely under my hoof! MWAHAHA!"

"Oh, sure thing, honey. You let me know how I can help~"

"...S-sorry. I, um, need to boost my confidence where I can."

"Oh, i know dear."


Pony Joe has gained more prominence now as a proprietor of a cafe to provide food & earn bits to pay off the clouds... and changeling attacks. His running gag is that he's just a simple workingstallion, and his personality & energy starts and ends at working a nice service job. Yet somehow, Pinkie Pie and most ponies insist that he's a high class Spy of espionage, adventure or any other form of kickflank Action Hero no matter how unwarranted the reputation of Do-Not Joe, the mysterious, hulking, hero behind the unassuming alter ego of a guy who just sells coffee & bagels.

"Ah'm flattered. Really. Eat yer scone, boy. Pay me in tips if ya that impressed."

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