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Strange Halloween Dream Featuring MLP G5 Characters

Misty Shadow


For the first time in my life last night, I had a dream about Halloween just in time for the holiday. I dreamed that I was in this apartment playing this Yu-Gi-Oh! game where I was rebuilding this AI partner's deck that had 80 cards for some reason. Jazz was there decorating the place for a Halloween party when I noticed that there was something behind this room. It led me to where my older brother and Sora were fighting this demon. We made it disappear somehow and Sora cried something out, leading me to comment on his "girly yell". My older brother started chastising me, and for some bizarre reason, started saying something about "buttsex". And I yelled, "What does Sora's voice being shrill have to do with buttsex?", leading us to fall to the ground laughing. Later, back with Jazz, she volunteered to get everyone in the apartment a Halloween costume after stressing how important it was for everyone to dress up. These two ponies had ghost costumes made for them, and then when the party began, I saw Sunny Starscout (as she appears in Make Your Mark) not wearing her Nightmare Moon costume, but this cardboard sign explaining why she wasn't in her costume with this cute joke that I wish I could remember. Unfortunately, I don't remember anything else after that. 

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