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Strange MLP Site Dream

Misty Shadow


Yeah, I had a strange dream about an MLP site last night rather than MLP characters. In it, I was looking at my notifications on Derpibooru and saw that Rikifive (calling himself Rikifiveguy) had given this image of Princess Luna art with her wearing a shower cap and squeezing a rubber duck in a bathtub three dislikes. I was about to hit Rikifive up asking how and why he gave the image so many dislikes before I found I could give images as many likes or dislikes as I wanted. Mass downvoting images made them bigger and mass upvoting them made them smaller. I only remember waking up after that. 

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The opposite of Riki's famous pile of brohoofs. :wau:

I actually had a vaguely MLP-related dream a few nights ago. I was at a Silverstream party. The guests were supposed to wear Silverstream-themed clothes, the only thing I could find was a pair of pants that was slightly similar in color. I have no idea where that came from, I've probably looked at too much Student 6 art lately. :please:

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calling himself Rikifiveguy

lol Rikifiveguy SVuI915.png.8442fb27f0b6ae7e72c3445b6c63 Isn't that fitting?


6 hours ago, Tacodidra said:

famous pile of brohoofs.

Pile of toenails :ButtercupLaugh:

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3 minutes ago, Princess Silky said:

I wish I had more dreams like that. Can you imagine? You can go anywhere and there’s @Rikifivejust available to pick on, boop or chat with??? Pfft we need more dreams like that 


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12 hours ago, CloudMistDragon said:

I see all these new comments joking about "Rikifiveguy", yet there's not one joke so far about Five Guys. :huh:

Maybe it's because most of the people commenting here aren't from a country where they operate. :ooh: I had to look up what it was, I thought it was a group of YouTubers. :please:

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