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  1. YES, my least favorite villain in the entire series is Sludge BY FAR. His villainy is actually realistic, yet he gets no comeuppance whatsoever.
  2. The original cast of G4 will likely appear in cameos!
  3. Is this good enough for cloudshroud?


  4. He shoots, he scores. I'm not crying over it being gone, as my opinions have changed and I've grown to feel discussing politics on a pony forum is...yeah. Debating politics online is best done on a Discord server with other people you know. My opposition towards it being taken down largely came from a support for free speech. I feel people should be able to comment on something political so long as they can behave themselves, but otherwise...
  5. Never heard of that site until now, not surprised it got taken down now that I know what it is. Not trying to be "that guy defending the evil corporation", just saying that you have to expect this kind of thing, always. Companies view themselves as the ones in the right protecting their IPs in situations like these, always.
  6. This is him if you want to use him. His name is Cloud Shroud, and he acts most like Maud Pie. Serious, but introverted. Thank you too!
  7. You're making a manga based off of people's OCs?! I love you.
  8. Surprisingly, despite the rigorous nature of this year, I've been getting games done like I did when I was a twelve-year-old this year despite having a full-time job. Even after I just beat Silent Hill 3 and finally completed Yu-Gi-Oh! Tag Force 1 with all the main characters on the same night, I beat Tag Force 2 in just two days! :kirin: And now, I want to play Skyrim because it would be nice to finally play an ARPG for the first time in my life. :muffins:

  9. On the same level as arson, extortion, and fraud? Are you serious? You're too nice. I say, hang 'em high! But seriously, I hope you're not being serious because no regulation outside of an enclosed space for discussing the spoiled media, for example, an online forum, could ever feasibly prevent someone from spoiling a movie and would be ripe for exploitation. Everything gets leaked out these days no matter how hard companies try, so things are inevitably going to get spoiled.
  10. For me, no Flurry Heart, no Rainbow Roadtrip, Chrysalis would never join "The League of Villains", Sombra would have been given an actual backstory, and of course, Discord would have never impersonated Grogar. These are just my opinions, I know that what's done is done.
  11. I don't like to call it "post series depression", I like to call it a "phantom pain". I thought most of the episodes from Season 9 were good, and even thought the finale itself was good, just not a satisfying end to the series. It's more that I don't like the looming feeling of uncertainty and the conflict of identity where the show is over...but it really isn't, since we still have the comic and a movie transitioning us into G5 that may or may not give us the satisfying conclusion to Friendship is Magic we all hoped for.
  12. Just beat Silent Hill 3. After Corpse Party, I wasn't expecting it to scare me, but I also wasn't expecting it to give me another reason to hate The Last of Us 2. Yes, TLOU2's supposedly "edgy, original subversion twist plot" has been done before A LOT BETTER:yeahno: Anyways, I'm glad to have finally taken care of the whole trilogy, all of the "good games". I weirdly want to play the fourth game now though. :kindness:

  13. As someone who used to watch George Lopez all the time, I honestly don't find the show all that great in retrospect. I overlooked a lot of bad story writing and character writing watching it when I was younger, like plots that would get abruptly dropped off and "funny moments" that would kill heartwarming moments and just make the characters look totally awful. I do acknowledge that might have had something to do with how the show was trying to be more like a series of comedy skits than anything though.
  14. I disagree with this move, being against all forms of censorship, but I was honest-to-goodness 95% done with Debate Symposium after what happened to me earlier this year. I believe people should still have the option to comment on something political or serious if they want so long as they abstain from rude behavior and hope that it can reopen when the political climate is cooler, but I can't deny that I'm very glad to not have to read the outpouring of pure vitriol in response to the US election results.
  15. Starlight straight up says in the episode that she was just banishing him from school grounds. By "didn't affect", Dubuc must mean that he was not bodily harmed despite the appearance as such. I don't see the cause for confusion here.