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  1. Did anyone read the second volume? I didn't enjoy it as much as the first, but I still found it to be very amusing, especially during a surprisingly dark moment when they went to a ponified French Revolution and Pinkie had to be saved from the guillotine.
  2. Just when I thought the series was taking a short break after the Trail Trotters arc. But yeah, Potion Nova is cool, I liked Twilight's self-aware acknowledgment of the show's difference in tone with FiM, and Rarity coughing up gems is definitely the show's most interesting gross gag so far.
  3. I blog about accomplishments in my real life. I don't feel any incentive to blog about my grievances or my opinions on games because I hate complaining and feel that the latter works much better for simple status updates.
  4. I love coffee shops, always a bummer that only Starbucks is close by to me while every ma and pa shop is many miles away.
  5. Yay, we get to be the bad guys! Or do we? King Sombra is not evil, not to me.
  6. Just finished Dragon Quest V. Not as brilliant as the third and fourth game, but that's kind of like comparing the other parts of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure to Parts III and IV. I know nothing's topping them. :Thorax:

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. DivineTempest1000


      @CloudMistDragon Out of the Soulsborne games I've only completed Bloodborne and Dark Souls 1!

      Did you hear about the Demon Souls remake coming to PS5? :ticking:

    3. CloudMistDragon



      As much as I like Dark Souls, I can't stand how Demon's Souls gets overshadowed by it for my life. Finally, a chance for it to shine after all the time it's had to sink in! :BrightMacContent:

    4. DivineTempest1000


      @CloudMistDragon Reasons to buy a PS5: Spider Man, Resident Evil 8, Horizon Zero Dawn 2, and a bunch of very interesting new games!

  7. Because you're apparently not tired of King Sombra's ghost, with one of my friends actually asking for this, here you are.



    1. DivineTempest1000


      @CloudMistDragon You’re way past awesome and I love you!

  8. Since it seems my friends are not tired of King Sombra's ghost, with one of them actually wanting me to draw another improved version of King Sombra's ghost, here's this.
  9. I do not have Twitter and would not follow Tara Strong despite my respect for her work. I can not stand Twitter for the life of me. Every single time one of my closest e-friends of mine brings up Twitter with me, I tell her, "Get off Twitter.". You could get the president of the United States in here and I would tell him the same thing. Did I mention that I don't like Twitter?
  10. I'm definitely leaning more towards this being fake. Fans have gotten very crafty at forging G5 leaks, screenshots, and character models. Would not get my hopes up over a tweet that was very likely made by a person who doesn't even know English as a first language.
  11. Believe it or not, being a huge gamer all my life, I'm not particularly into either. Undertale and Shovel Knight look cool and once in a blue moon, there is an honestly stellar AAA game like Devil May Cry 5, but most of the games I've played, whether they be classic or new, are games that don't fall into either category.
  12. Good batch of episodes, I like how they handled... However, no mention of Starlight Glimmer in Trixie's debut episode disappointed me a bit, hope that she makes an appearance eventually.
  13. Do you guys think this is good enough not to get bombarded with dislikes on Derpibooru? :coco:


    Sorry, I just think Sombra looks too cute as a ghost. :squee:

    1. Kujamih

      Kujamih no it wont get bombarded?

    2. Tacodidra


      I like ghost Sombra. ^_^ I don't know what the people on Derpibooru would think, but then again I don't always understand their ratings (I've seen plenty of decent or even good art that was downvoted for no reason). :please:

    3. CloudMistDragon


      Yeah, as someone who has used the site for three years, I know that some of their ratings are BS. Posting art there was really just a little experiment. :kindness:

  14. Sorry guys, Sombra's ghost is not dying any time soon. Forgive my emo phase.
  15. Who would've thought that Cubone was less of a mama's boy than Mewtwo? :ButtercupLaugh: