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  1. CloudMistDragon

    Mega Thread Last Movie You Watched?

    Aquaman. The legends were true. Finally, a truly good DC movie. No jumbled plotlines, no half-baked character arcs, no pointless lore dumps, just a solid, straightforward story with excellent action scenes and perfectly timed comic relief. It deserved to do better than any DCEU movie before it.
  2. CloudMistDragon

    Would you stop watching if they referenced Onision?

    As much as I am not a fan of Onision personally despite sort of liking him as an entertainer when I was younger, to cease watching a show just because of one controversial figure being referenced on it is ridiculous. That's like refusing to ever watch PewDiePie again just for featuring Ben Shapiro in a joke video...oh. People actually did get outraged over that. Nevertheless, speaking of PewDiePie, he would much more likely be the first Youtube star for the show to reference if it ever did reference internet celebrities for whatever reason. I feel making nods to Youtube personalities would be much more Equestria Girls territory, but either or, I believe they'd reserve jokes like that for more recognizable Youtubers.
  3. CloudMistDragon

    Spoiler E01 - Reboxing With Spike

    Oh wow, I thought they had mistakenly called it "Reboxing" instead of "Unboxing" before I saw the twist towards the end. I have to admit, that was clever.
  4. Yeah, this is mostly anecdotal evidence. And the kind of thing that happens with every fan community at that. Kid's parents get concerned about who their kids are talking to on the internet regardless of whether they are bronies or not. Adult artwork is also in every fan community and there's a standard to have it tagged as mature so that the kids can't see it just by Googling it, they need to actually log into an account on a site that allows porn and lie about their age. It's not the artist's fault that Google screwed up or that kids will be kids.
  5. I finally beat Dark Souls! :yay:

    1. Kyoshi


      Congrats. :3 What stuff did you end up finishing it with? I am currently going through the Switch version, my 5th overall playthrough of the game. I have also beaten DS2 once and DS3 twice, I personally think DS1 is the king of the series.

    2. CloudMistDragon


      I was level 89, had the Quelaag's Furysword as my weapon, the Mask of the Child, Wanderer's Coat +10 and Manchette +5, Gold Hemmed Black Skirt, and the Grass Crest Shield/Sanctus as my armor, and 14 Humanity while human. Everyone seems to love DS1 the best, but I thought Demon's Souls was almost as good and don't see what's wrong with the sequels from the gameplay I've watched. 

  6. CloudMistDragon

    Your reaction if Season 10 was annouced?

    I'd be happy. The show does need to end eventually to let the next generation begin and have the franchise continue to grow, but nothing about the show in its current state gives me the impression that they've run out of ideas. With so many new characters and new parts of Equestria still left to explore, both Season 9 and the possible Season 10 that could follow could be the best seasons of the show.
  7. CloudMistDragon

    Kirin stallions

    Pay no attention to the character in my avatar. I'm sure that Kirin stallions do exist and that it's just difficult to tell because of their body shape. Dude in the middle there looks like a dude to me and Autumn Blaze says "boys" in her song too.
  8. CloudMistDragon

    Mega Thread Last Movie You Watched?

    Solo: A Star Wars Story. Word of mouth was right, this movie was downright mediocre. At least The Last Jedi took me some time to see what was wrong with it. This movie, I caught almost every cliche, plot convenience, moment of shameless recycling from the previous movies, and contradictory message on my first viewing. So glad I passed on seeing this in theaters.
  9. CloudMistDragon

    General Would you rather die by fire or water?

    Fire, even if drowning would be less painful. Fire is cool, plus, I would much rather be cremated than have my corpse sink to the bottom of the ocean.
  10. CloudMistDragon

    Liklihood of MLP in Toy Story?

    The team behind Toy Story originally wanted to put Barbie, a girl's toy, and G.I. Joe, another Hasbro toy, in there from the beginning. They did eventually get their way with Barbie before the MLP craze, so now all they need to do is get their way with another Hasbro toy. However, even if Hasbro objected, they could always just do what they did in the first movie and use a fictional parody toy for G.I. Joe. It all depends on the circumstances. Still, I do not believe they'll be able to resist dropping at least one background gag referencing bronies.
  11. CloudMistDragon

    What's your opinion on Joshscorcher?

    I've always looked at him as a mostly good content creator. Some of his opinions are off to me, but I'm glad he at least admits his more confusing opinions that go against the grain to be purely subjective. I don't watch him often, but that's mainly because I don't watch a lot of brony reviewers or just Youtube reviewers in general now from not having the time like I used to.
  12. CloudMistDragon

    Is making the characters flawed the only option?

    Yes. Unless you are writing some kind of a parody, don't write your characters as overpowered or flawless. Ever. One of the most basic techniques that goes into creating a character is ensuring that the character has balance and sensibility not only in their abilities, but also their personality. You can get away with writing a few flat supporting characters that aren't meant to contribute much to the plot, but all of your main characters should change and learn as they go on their journey in the story, otherwise, there is no story.
  13. CloudMistDragon

    How would you react to a Live Action MLP movie?

    I wouldn't be too optimistic going in to watch it, but I would still give it a fair shot. Live action/CGI movies based off of cartoons have the bad rap they have for a reason, but I feel that any movie can be good so long as the crew behind it cares for the quality of said movie.
  14. CloudMistDragon

    Misunderstood episode(s)?

    Feeling Pinkie Keen and What About Discord are the most misunderstood episodes of the show without a contest in my eyes. Moreso the latter. FPK has always been, and still continues to be, mainly misunderstood by oversensitive atheists (whom I have no problem with, as I liked the episode even in my atheist days) who misinterpret the moral as anti-science and pro-Christianity despite an objective look at it showing that the real moral is just against arrogance and for having trust in your friends. What About Discord is misunderstood by all sorts of different people who mistakenly view the episode as just something "intentionally unfunny that they're not supposed to get". In reality, the writer's intent is to get you to relate to Twilight's frustration with not getting the in-joke and the real jokes of the episode actually revolve around how the characters react to the joke and Twilight's frustration. Looking at the replies this thread got while I was typing this, I am surprised no one mentioned these two episodes yet. I am very pleased to see some bring up Newbie Dash though, I always believed that episode was reviewed too harshly by a lot of people for being "too mean-spirited" despite a good portion of this show being mean-spirited.
  15. CloudMistDragon

    Animation A Sad Day For Digimon Fans

    Only watched a few episodes of the English dub of Digimon when I was a young'un, but it holds a special place in my heart regardless for being one of the first animes I watched. This is very, very saddening and I give my heart to her, her loved ones, and every Digimon fan.