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Princess Silky




The day before yesterday, I learned something about myself that was a complete game-changer…

Thanks to my friend, @EpicEnergy, I’ve realized that I am an extrovert. I remember when @Sir Hugsalot
posed this possibility to me as a fact once and I was offended. :scoots:

I was like “Hau DAER yew, sirrrr… Am not an extrovert because am very shy and am reserved about me private matters, am also not shallow… YARGHH (pirate noises)” :Cozy:

Each friend of mine is valuable to me and this is why I adore Pinkie Pie — she GETS it. She doesn’t just run around making friends cause she wants validation or to feel loved — NO! She **sincerely** gets to know each and every person! And it ENERGIZES her!! How interesting that someone named Epic Energy made me realize that about myself, his counter was, “yes yes you’re shy and all but…. Are you ENERGIZED by people?” To which the answer is….


I am ENDLESSLY fascinated by people. And before you can sneer your nose down at me and ask “Why?” As I’m used to receiving from the common person…. Allow me to explain it like this:

Look at yourself. Think of your memories. Your unique experiences that are completely unfathomable to everyone else because they are 100% strictly unique to only *you*

The biases that society may have of you are irrelevant. You are unique and you can’t ever be replaced. Ever.

Even if you had a twin, even if you had a genetic look-a-like, there won’t ever be another person like you. Ever. You’re 100% unique…

Now, multiply this by BILLIONS OF PEOPLE… and we’re talking about something on a legendary level — like the universe, itself. Consistently spiraling and expanding beyond our limited comprehension.

This insight about myself made me realize my strengths vs my weaknesses. I always hated being alone… and it made me feel pathetic and weak… because a lot of people seem just fine being alone. They either make music or art or something. Whereas I need to be in the public either making a business or engaging with people in some way…

But this is seen as normal. So nobody makes any comments on it.

I also have a rich, internal life that is beyond my public association. And you guys literally add to it, so I’m happy to give back to you…

Yes, I already get a lot of insight on the outside from my other friends. Yes, I know. I run a tight ship with a steel hand in a silk glove… Yes, I get it, I have personality traits and lots of memories…

But you guys….
What your friendship offers me are like abstract gems and diamonds more precious than anything this material world can offer…

So, I just wanted to say… thank you <3
For growing and learning with me…

It’s also funny because I’ve literally had members of the forums tell me, “You’re so strong, how do you manage so many people without getting drained?” And I always looked at them in confusion… I don’t see myself as strong… even when I’m happy to assert morality over an injustice.. I don’t see myself as strong…

I just have a lot of energy xD 

Speaking of which, I dedicate this song to you, Epic <3 


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41 minutes ago, Sir Hugsalot said:

Oh my. I know. It's so hard to be humble... knowing how great I am :mlp_icwudt:

Oh darling... worry not. Cheekiness delivered c: 

But what was said above is true <3 *hugs*

..... I take it back:yeahno:..... 

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45 minutes ago, Magical Mare said:

*blushes* Isn’t he an absolute adorable sweetheart?? :coco:

He’s just so great … 


you on the other hand :orly: 


:ButtercupLaugh:Just kidding 

this is too much sweetness D: an used to you being a cheeky one D: 

Me on the other hand is sly and slick... And he is sweet and cheeky... 

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2 hours ago, abrony-mouse said:

aw, the reaction smilies are not suitable so have a lyrabon :3 Great take on Pinkie too :)   


Awww, thank you! This is just too cute.

Your charisma was always one of a welcoming nature. Even when we first started talking ages ago, I was happy to engage with you and converse about anything! You're just too adorable for your own good and I hope to engage with you more in the future :coco:

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On 2022-11-02 at 7:17 PM, Magical Mare said:

I wouldn't change you for the world. There is strength to being introverted and it can be such a beautiful thing.... But if you wish you were more extroverted, perhaps there is an aspect of yourself that you'd like to express or that you feel is stifled? I still feel I have a long way to go in the self improvement department but it's still a work in progress <3

I appreciate your thoughts, I just don't know though. When I compare myself to other people I feel very isolated. Like the time I managed to convince myself to go to a con I didn't make the friends others I know did. Stuff like that.

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On 2022-11-06 at 3:23 AM, Winter Storm said:

I appreciate your thoughts, I just don't know though. When I compare myself to other people I feel very isolated. Like the time I managed to convince myself to go to a con I didn't make the friends others I know did. Stuff like that.

Oooof, yeah. I feel you. But comparing yourself to others is one of those hidden traps, you know? Because there will always be someone younger, smarter, more talented, skillful, intelligent, kinder, prettier -- you name it. It's just how living in a diverse world works. So comparing is a trap. You're your own unique being and completely irreplaceable. But I know it's hard not to feel isolated when you feel totally different from the world. My DMs are always open if you need someone to vent to. 

As for not making as many friends as others did, it could literally be tied to your self image and feeling like you're different. So please don't be so hard on yourself, I believe in you. 




2 hours ago, ZiggWheelsManning said:

How are things going for you lately Silky?  

Not too good not too bad, Zigg. Thank you for asking. :twi:
I'm learning a lot as I come out of my shell more. For example, everyone seems to need something so I need to learn not to over-exert myself and also create boundaries that will be respected by both myself and others who care for me. Those who cross that, clearly do not respect me and so it's interesting to see how many people weed themselves out. 

I've been very exhausted and tired but using this time to recharge and hang out with my friends and all of the shenanigans we get ourselves into <3 
It's quite lovely...

Speaking of lovely, did you know you're one of those lovely friends who is always putting a smile on my face when I'm out in public trying to look normal in front of strangers?! D: 


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