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Redesign notes + long headcanon story





Adding to previous status,

with my art style I try to made the ponies' bodies just a tad bit more equine-like because I dislike how the canon style made them more cat-like after each generation, at least their faces did I get it's to make them cuter and more approachable or appropriate for smaller kids, but they're just barely ponies anymore. 

I'm keeping the soft, rounder faces for normal ponies, but taller or skinnier ponies, like alicorns or stallions, will have snouts with various lengths and arches, as well as a visible jowls.

Regarding unicorns (or any horned pony), all of their horns are slightly arched and have unique engravings in them. No reason, it just makes them look cooler and more magical lol. I also like just the concept of unicorns having longer tails so I added that miniscule trait too. But the gradient on horns and wings (which should usually be seen on alicorns) signifies whether that pony has a normal amount of magic or too much!


Most unicorns have cool colors, while most earth ponies have warm colors. This is because unicorns have mostly lived around crystals (most of them study magic and spells so crystals are pretty important) and worked at night (school in the mornings sigh), while earth ponies lived in nature and worked during the day. Pegasi can come in various colors because they practically live in the sky and get an equal amount of sunlight and moonlight, but all that light also gives their colors a lighter shade!


We all know that Celestia and Luna have watched over Equestria for thousands of years before Luna's transformation and banishment to the Moon. What caused Luna to rebel was when she realized that with the advancements in civilization, more ponies had houses and had places to rest and work more during the day, to build more houses so even more ponies could work, and so on. That wouldn't seem so bad if it didn't cause the ponies' pigments to change generation after generation. Less and less ponies had cool coat colors; more began to have warm coat colors; she believed that more ponies praised the Sun than her beautiful Moon. Why even bother to continue raising the Moon if nopony wished to appreciate it anymore? Poor Luna would eventually snap after years of arguing with her sister, Celestia, who told her over and over again to continue to her duty to raise the Moon... If she wanted the Moon to stay in the sky that badly, fine, it will stay in the sky. 

After the transformation into Nightmare Moon, a battle between two sisters took place, similar to canon. However, Celestia had admitted defeat after being hopelessly clobbered by Nightmare Moon, and the dark queen fled. Afterwards, Equestria was engulfed in darkness for who knew how long. Celestia remained far too weak physically and emotionally to raise the Sun or attempt to lower the Moon. For a while, the only trace of light in the sky was the twinkling of stars and the white Moon's many phases. Luckily, Nightmare Moon's location was eventually found, but inside of an abandoned castle surrounded by Lunar Guards (mainly comprised of batponies and a few "Believers" (the names of practically cult members that worship the Moon and believe in eternal night)).

Phew, this story is getting a bit long! 

Although Celestia's recovery took forever, she was eventually confident enough to gather her trusted army and lead a raid into Nightmare Moon's domain. Once the castle raid began, Nightmare Moon merely laughed as she and her own guards fought with their surprise opponents, for she believed that her sister was still weak, still too internally shattered to have a fair battle. However, Celestia's health wasn't the only thing that was focused on for the past several Moon phases, but a spell for banishing one to the Moon was looked into in absolute secret. 

Super lengthy story short, the spell was a success. After their queen had disappeared, the last Lunar Guards fled, and the Royal Guard rejoiced. But Celestia wasn't ready to announce their victory to Equestria just yet. Yet another wave of exhaustion had hit the princess, so the Moon would have to remain in the sky for a while longer.

Somehow, her recovery took long enough for ponies to eventually become equal in cool and warm colors, and lots of them became used to working at night before the Sun was scheduled to finally ascend again. Thus, the ponies also eventually had various colors to their palettes, caused by warm ponies working at night and cool ponies working during the day. Once Luna (skipping the transformation back from Nightmare Moon because I'm getting lazy) returned to Equestria, one can imagine how speechless she was at the equal amount of appreciation ponies had towards every time of the day. Lastly, it obviously took a while for her to learn and understand where their gratefulness came from (perhaps from da magik of frendship hur dur!) 

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And G5 would have been perfect with you as director!


I definitely agree with the designs of the more and more cat-like looking ponies. When I first saw the ponies from G4, I didn't like them. They were already "too cute". However, as time passed, I am now for cute ponies over realistic looking ones. Not because cute might sell better. It is because of how popular G4 became.

But after Pony Life and now G5, I can see how this redesign of your work better, has more back story and realism in them. They make sense, while still keeping the ponies interesting and thus popular.

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Your story works very well even for a new generation, without it feeling like a reboot. That is really good! :mlp_grin:

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The writing you did for Nightmare Moon, that is definitely what I like most about this, as well as the attention to detail with the colors. However, the ponies in G4 in terms of the design is my favorite. I don't like when they look like actual horses in previous generations.

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