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Starting a Zelda marathon before Tears of the Kingdom

Steve Piranha


Well, finished Mario & Rabbids Sparks of Hope, hardest difficulty at 100%. Took me forever doing so, mainly because of work :scoots:. Anyway, I know I got an army of other videogames I haven’t played, but I I got a bit of a Zelda fever. I’ll play the following in this order

1-Phantom Hourglass 

2-A Link Between Worlds

3-Breath of the Wild

4-Spirit Tracks


all but BOTW were left in my old home I don’t have access right now, so among my old things left, were those games, so I had to buy other copies of them in order to play those. Anyway, I’ll start with PH. I played it once long ago (feels like it was only 5 years ago :lostit:, getting ol’ here :sunny:), but didn’t start a new playthrough ever. I felt a charm out of it because it was a fun game, and it’s limitations let for some creativity, not to mention the thrill of discovery. Anyway, feel like playing it again. Ordered it used at GameStop. Relatively pricey as it was used sold as a brand new one back then, but guess it’s because of it’s rarity (much cheaper than any EBay offer tho :scoots:). I just opened the game, but felt a bit odd erasing a completed save file before me. God knows how much history was inserted there :sunny:

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