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Steve Piranha

Opened a room to play Ace Combat Infinity. Minding my own business destroying enemies and such, until one of these random and highly desired special raid missions came after my last fuel. IT WAS THE EXCALIBUR ONSLAUGHT III. Oh my god, that feeling of having your first over level 2 superweapon fight, only for ANOTHER one appear the day after :yay:. Now I got two golden trophies (emblems) to show off :squee:. Man, only two golden superweapons and all four black superweapons remain, but those latter are super rare :dash:

Steve Piranha

Well, here's a summary of good stuff that happened me these last days:

1-Finally made a new recipe after so long

2-Watched Kong

3-On my quest of gathering ingredients for my north african poached eggs, I was helped by an employee named....... Celestia :sunbutt:

4-I caught a cute toad :wub:

5-After so long, I've FINALLY, confronted my first over level 2 super weapon in Ace Combat Infinity. Stonehenge Gold Ring to be precise B) 

Steve Piranha

Well, watching pony videos, I've found a douche insulting our fandom, saying we should kill ourselves...... :lol:, these troll wannabies are easy to deal with. The key is to not take them seriously, and NEVER, ever, respond directly to their insults. An easy way is to be a grammar nazi, or see if they make another mistake, which they usually do. They'll get to desperate that they'll sink themselves deeper and deeper.


I've just reported him, just to piss him off

Steve Piranha

Hey guys, guess what, I've purchased some Power Ponies funkos. Though I'm not seeking to collect them, just get a SINGLE specific of them: THIS



Isn't she a cutie :wub:?



Well, I've purchased my first wave two weeks ago or so, of only four of them..... but none of them was my Pinks. WORST OF ALL, i'VE GOTTEN A DUPLICATE :angry: . Well, got an AJ, a Rarity, and two Twilights. I've felt salty, so I've purchased more this time, twice as much (partly because of the clearance bargain, as I was going to buy six at first). Well, got my Fluttershy rearing (thankfully not the hideous transformed one :lol: ), which was the second I've wanted most (though I could live without it). Unpakced more, and more and more.... no luck :dry:. And well, lost all hope, and was preparing to offer to swap some of my duplicate ones with the one of Pinks I've wanted by the time only two packs remained unopened..... but guess what was in the last one :fluttershy: . IT WAS THE PINKS I'VE WANTED :pinkie:

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