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Episode 121 - Finding Out a Name You Knew is Wrong



Yer like.... what??  The hell??  Yeah, I'll explain.

Y'know what really grinds my gears?  When you see a longtime, beloved fictional character's name written down for the first time in your life and suddenly realize that the name you've known for your whole life is wrong, that you've been mishearing and mispronouncing it for decades.

I recently wrote a blog about how the X-Men were a beloved childhood favorite of mine.  I always believed that Storm's real name was "Aurora Monroe".  Patrick Stewart said it once in the first X-Men movie.  That's what it sounded like to me.  That's what I've believed for the past 23 years.  I never bothered to google it.  Never saw it written.  I recently started watching X-Men: Evolution on Disney+, and Storm's nephew calls her "Auntie O".  I was puzzled as to why, so I looked up the credits on IMDB.  Sure enough, her name is "Ororo Munroe".  Yup.  I heard it wrong for all these years.  Feels like my whole world is crashing down all around me, like everything I've ever known is a lie, like nothing makes sense, like I can never know what is real anymore.  Yeah, I'm exaggerating and being melodramatic, but I really, really hate it when this happens.  I hate change (as I made abundantly clear in a previous GMG episode), and I hate having to readjust to a name that I've grown accustomed to my whole life.

Another example from the same franchise is the mutant girl who can walk through walls.  More accurately, she can phase through solid matter.  Katie is her name.  Or is it?  Nope.  It's Kitty.  Kitty Pryde.  I heard "Katie" all these years, but I looked her up too.  Kitty.  Dammit.  Celestia, Celestia dammit.  I know it seems like a silly thing to complain about, but... well, like... imagine if one of your favorite characters in one of your favorite franchises turned out to have a different name than you thought.  Like, imagine if you suddenly found out that all these years, instead of Princess Luna, it was actually... idk... Princess Lana.  I mean, it's hard to think of an example that would be plausible, but you get what I mean.  That would suck.  You'd hate that and have a hard time adjusting.

Anyway, I know my upset feelings will pass relatively quickly, but I still f*ckin' hate it.

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Oh, gosh. I can relate. hahaha it can be so mind blowing too, like, "really? I got attached to THIS name when it was that name this whole time?" XD

Maybe you're just too original for your own good. :Pip-giggle:

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It happened to me once

Well, the character didn't exactly have an official name yet when I named him, the developers just called him "Inventor" but the character was a red-head so I was like, I'mma call him "Reggie" and for the longest time, or at least to me it was the longest time,  I called him that.

Come to find out, I only called him that for two months until his name was revealed as Ivan. I wasn't too pissed though, and I quickly got used to it, but I will never forget the days when I called him Reggie. 

Oh, and the franchise this is from? Hello Neighbor, yeah it's from 2017 and the game is glitchy as all hell, but I love the characters and lore.

The character here is from a spinoff called Secret Neighbor, a multiplayer game. 


Eesh, I realized how rant-y this is... :ButtercupLaugh:

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