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London Holiday -Big Ben Tour, Narutal History Muesum visit, Babymetal Concert, Disney 100 Exhibion, Hype Park Winter Wonderland, Postal Muesum/Rail Mail, Battersea Power Station visit, Baker Street Underground tour, Science Museum Power-up gaming event, Abba Arena, visit Little Ben & Wellington Arch again. visit some stores & Camden Market. Being with my brother is a different experince but not sure we going on holiday together again.

Sabaton Concert featuring Babymetal & Lordi

Playing Genshin Impact (Only game I played) - also managed pulled Nahida and Zhongli, Memorable NPC characters, great events & quests, and new nation Fontaine.

Grogu - specially when he ride the robot


Two Cats I met 


Three Legged neghbourhood cat, managed to warm up to me.

imageVisiting a Church at my old living area/neighbourhood


On Youtube, I.A. Presidents sure you heard/know about them, people play games or do tiers on Youtude and use Presidents voices mainly Trump, Biden and Obama. Everyone doing it and I’m addiciuted to it. First notices when use on playing Genshin then rest history.

Hibiscus Rising - New Sculpture in my hometown, Leeds



Also in 2023:

Got Rice Cooker,

My other Phone, say new as still had other one.

100 Aniversary of Disney and Flying Scotsman (Streamtrain)




Football - I’m no longer loving football since Sir Alex retired back in 2013, anything Manchester United and football. Thought they improving in season 2022-23, winning League Cup and finishing 3rd, then unable getting Harry Kane and season 2023-24 last straw. Also totall hate on football fans, sport teams I hate and Glazers. I don’t what happen to Manchester United. Now everytime there football on telly or newspapers.

High Security before Big Ben Tour and other problem during London Holiday - Before Tour of Big Ben, security check were too much and shock, we ask why we were wearing vest coats my brother say pockets carry wallets and stuffs. Then when our stuffs put through computer scan, we been ask to be double us and be in a room, it was little scary, and upseting, double check our bags and our t-shirts, then we wait for the note we seem to be in the way of a security woman and shout at us but we were waiting for our notes and have to leave our vest coat. But all fine after that. But that moment will scare me but won’t stop my good memories and love for Big Ben and London. That on Tuesday. On Sunday, when we arrived, it was freezing even in our special inner clothes that meant to keep us warmm but we were freezing then when check in there were alot of people checking in and it was self check in, there a stff that will help out I got little frusrated and knackered body and when hot to our room, we start going to Abba Arena but it seem far, so many people and packed up tude then arrived at Abba Arena, when in queue to security I stupiy put my stuffs in my pockets after taken them out then when got scan it beep and stupid turn around and secutiry stop, he didn’t even say anthing then believe took my stuffs on the tray and instead of putiing it my pocket I carry it and looking for my brother to put my stuffs in his bag and I got angry and talk to my brother how p*** off I am. But fine after just confuse, knackered and stress and angry. Also time rush, there time ran out, places we meant to go but unable and my body knackered. Even had a good time, there be bad times come along. Not sure we be going together on holiday again. I do prefer on my own and feel my brother don’t go anywhere with again on what happen on our London holiday.

Problem with my mum and brother - There always be painful moments with famliy in life.

Unable to pull Hu Tao and Charlotte in Genshin Impact.

Only Job Interview - Of course I didn’t the job, and felt it’s a waste of time. I dislike interview and feel it waste of time. I know it’s important but sometime what the point if you didn’t get the job.

Job Searching - I know it imporant but felt waste of time. I dislike it.



Hope I get a job, been three years. Nothing in the way like Concert and holiday. I get nerves before interview and if I ever landed a job, it br more nerves. It Diffcult to stop it.

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I liked the Victoria & Albert museum when I visited London years ago.

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