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I have now EV trained a Pokemon. :D




Hello everyone, Raccoon briefly here before I have to return to my not being able to come on here.


I just came to say that I have now fully EV trained a Pokemon for the first time.


My Porygon 2, (who I named Cyber Wall), is now very defensive from both Special and Physical attacks.


Here's what I put my EVs into:


HP: 252 (Killed many Stunfisk)


Def:176 (Killed many Roggenrolas)


SpD:80 (Killed many Frillishes)


Add an Eviolite as well, and my Porygon 2 is almost unstoppable.


Here are the moves it knows:



Ice beam




Ability: Trace


Getting a porygon in the first place was tough in the first place because I deleted my original Platinum save file. Had to go through a lot of the game just to get to the place where I get a Porygon.


After all I did, I say it was worth it.


So happy I was finally able to EV train a Pokemon. <3


Don't know what I'll EV train next.


It might be roserade, or maybe something else. I don't know yet.


Anyway, see you guys later. :3


(Btw, while I normally don't care about IVs, they seem pretty good overall. It has a 31 in special attack and it's in the 20s for Def and SpD).

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