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A crappy day at the mall

Le Kvlt Dawn


I went to the mall today, with my mom and my little brother. I brought my wallet with a shitload of money in it, and I ended up not buying anything. I wanted to buy a band t-shirt or some patches and buttons but, they didn't have any. They had plenty of sports jerseys and Obey shirts, multiple stores that sell them but no band shirts (of bands that I like). I ordered a band shirt EXACTLY two weeks ago from today and it hasen't came in the mail. WTF? My brother got charged for it, they said it would take 2-14 days and it hasen't came in the mail. I want my fucking shirt Dx


They didn't have much MLP stuff either, I wanted to buy a blind bag pony but they didn't have any. There weren't any trading card either. My little brother was also being really annoying, he kept on whining because he wanted a puzzle. Eventully he did get his puzzle, so he did shut up for a while. Then, we finally went home.


I knew from the very start that I should've just stayed home but, I got optimistic. I have too much money that I've been saving up from my daily allowence and I want to blow it on something. Who knew that two dollars a day could add up to so much?


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