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I'm Slenderman's Roomate - Chapter 1



-Chapter 1-

Dusk's fingers tapped impatiently on the table in front of him. Someone was coming to rent out a part of his relatively small apartment, though he didn't know much of the person. Apparently, the person was a man, who always wore a suit. Suddenly, the door opened, but just a crack. "..Hello?" asked Dusk. "Anyone there?" He sighs. Must've been the wind, I guess. He returns his gaze to his laptop screen. Creeek...The door opened all the way, and a tall, slender man stalked into the room. The way he walked was strange; he didn't walk. He levitated. "O-oh! Hello!" says Dusk. The man dosen't have eyes, but Dusk can certainly feel the coldness from his gaze.

"I'm Slenderman." The man whispers. "S-so, you've come to rent a part of my apartment?" Dusk asks. "Yes."

"Okay, I'll show you around.."

Dusk gets out of his chair, and slyly steps around Slenderman. "No problem, I already saw it," says Slenderman. "Well um, it's late, I'm gonna go to bed." says Dusk.


Dusk steps around Slenderman, who's gaze follows him as he walks to his bedroom.

Dusk hops onto his bed. Okay, that guy is horrifying. Remind me why I let him stay, again.

As the narrator, I declare ending theme time!

...Just replace Haruhi with Dusk, and everyone else with Slenderman.



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