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Give me some time and a buck load of boxes

Rainbow    Dash


I'm the type of person that holds onto things that have sentimental value. Ever since the passing of a loved one i keep all his things. Now they described him as a pack rat since he held onto his things from his military life and on-so 70 years of knick knacks-


Well, i am the same way as him. I hold onto things that has some sentimental value....stuff that i associate good memories with. Anyways my room is pretty massive and its cluttered with this supposed 'junk' as my family likes to call it.


Now i know what you're thinking and no, I am not a hoarder. I can throw things away with ease and my room is organized in a unique way. It's just that i have so much stuff and nowhere to put it since my family insists on storing their crap in my room. Due to that i have no where to put my stuff or any boxes that could remedy the supposed clutter.


Now i wouldn't care about all this, but the painter does. Claiming he can not paint around my clutter(which is perfectly reasonable), he tells me to put my stuff outside in boxes. Ok thats reasonable to me. What isnt reasonable is the fact that my family wants me to get my stuff out there within a day or two.


If you could see the size of my room, and the things i have, you would know that it would be an improbable effort. Just imagine, if you will, a small studio apartment filled with cherished objects. that is my room. Now imagine having to put these items in various boxes and putting them in a small backyard near neighbors you do not trust.


yeah, this whole things feels like a huge effort that can be solved easily. However, i can not think of anything that can make this easier on me.


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