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A journey of pointless wonder

Skye Starlight


I just got back from shopping. Not that I bought anything. The only thing we got was another book from the cherub series from my younger brother. We were supposed to be getting new shoes, but all the shoe stores were closed.


For added annoyance, I was in the middle of watching an episode of Tengen Toppa Gurren Langa, when I wasn't so much asked as ordered to go shopping.



I ranted about my name a bit. I guess I can tell you my IRL name, because it's so common... Seriously...

I happened to be named Stephanie, which is the traditional Australian way of spelling it. And it's way to common. Like, I've always known at least one person with the same name as me, often more.


Famous gamers that share my name:

Kaeyi Dream

Hex -of the Australian gaming news and review show Good Game


And then there's always at least someone IRL who shares my name too.


But then there was the only bit of the journey I liked. Well, sort of.

We went and got my brother's book, and my mom asked me if I wanted one, so I took a quick look and...


Oh, hello there John Green's books! Except... The Fault in our Stars was sold out! I was tempted to pick up Looking for Alaska, but decided against it. I wanted TFioS, and I couldn't have it. But I guess that means that it's selling well here, and that's good news.


I also mentioned that Pokemon X and Y are coming out in short time, and that I still haven't got a birthday present. From anyone I know IRL. At all.


And I ranted a bit. I really didn't like being whisked away on a pointless trip, especially in the middle of something!


But I guess you all know a bit more about me! Now any stalkers can try to find me. Good luck, there's about a million people on Facebook that share my name, and you don't even know my last name!


Actually, that reminds me, my friends had a contest to see who could find me on Facebook first, and they literally spent a week looking for me before I had to start giving them clues! Because I was too lazy to add them myself. They did find me after I dropped them some bigger hints, but it still took them ages!



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