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How many fandoms is that now?

Skye Starlight


Oh dear... That's... Um... Gee...


How about I list them?


Whovians (new whovians specifically)

Bros (a group which I despised last year... Evidence that a few bad eggs can ruin the reputation of a group)

Bronies (2 years now!)

Pokefan (Or whatever they're calling us)

Yognaught, Sapling and Dreamer (Yogscast, Inthelittlewood and Kaeyi Dream!)

Eleven (Area 11, the band. Could have put them with the above group though)


And I'm relatively active in all of them now. I'm playing Pokemon Platinum again, watching Doctor Who and keeping up to date on Gaming vids. It's chaotic.


Ah, but it's all good. It gives me a lot to talk about it.


I don't like talking about myself, so having all these other things to talk about is great for me.

Also, there's so much that the only way that these won't come up in conversation is if I'm talking to someone who is probably going to forget about me.


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