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Why Applejack Is Best Waifu



Today's selection is why Applejack is the best, sexiest, most amazing pony an waifu that has ever been pony-waifu'd.


Section 1: Honesty


Applejack is honest. We all know this. It's her element! But honesty covers more then telling the truth. Honesty is integrity. She does what she says she'll do. Her character is built around honesty. Twilight being bookish? Not based around Magic. Pinkie being a party animal? Not based around Laughter. Rarity being fabulous? Not based around Generosity. Fluttershy loving animals? Ok, sort of based around Kindness. Rainbow Dash being a great flyer? Not based around loyalty. But these are some of their core character traits! Applejack being hard working? That's based around honesty and integrity! Applejack is based around Honesty. She'll admit defeat, or stick to her promises, or say what she thought. She doesn't hold back on her thoughts, and that's good. Honesty is the core of all her traits.


Section 2: Hard Working


Applejack is a hard worker. She will work sun up until sun down if needed. Hell, she'll work over night if that's what it takes. Working hard on a task that she doesn't enjoy, like farm work, is something not many ponies have. She admitted to not liking the farm work, but she still does them. Why? Because she needs to, and she doesn't stop until the job is finished. We've even seen her working when she shouldn't have to. Selling apples after farm work, the Cherry Farm to get the money, or working herself to exhaustion during Applebuck Season are examples of this. She will go to great lengths to ensure the job gets done, and gets done right.


Section 3: Family and Friends


Applejack loves her family. She will do anything for them. She also loves her friends, and will never stop to help them. She does everything in her power to do things for her family and friends. She works all the time to help her family. She's the only one who can do many tasks required, and she does them without complaint or hesitation. Why? Because she loves her family and her family needs her to do the tasks. She'll take extra jobs, work longer, or talk out problems. She is always the first to apologize, and when Rarity made dresses she was the only one to take the original design. She didn't want to put a burden on her friends after so much hard work. Even if she doesn't like it, she'll take it if that's what she needs to do so her friends are happy. That's the sign of someone who cares.


Section 4: Simplicity


Applejack likes things simple. She doesn't need fancy items or luxuries to be happy. She just wants her friends and family with her and the day is complete. She loves them, and would put them before any fancy needs. She's not afraid to get dirty if it helps, and will gladly do the most disgusting things if needed. You know who else does that? Nobody. Sure, they might occasionally, but she will do it time and time again, just because she was asked to. She's simple like that. Nothing is more important than the people she cares about. Not millions in money, not a huge house, not anything you could dream of. If she has the one thing she loves most, it's good enough for her.


Section 5: Potential


Applejack has the most potential of all the Mane Six. Her character could go anywhere. She only gets better with each episode. She also learns from her mistakes. Remember when she didn't get the money and worked the cherry farm? After that episode, she wasn't afraid to admit she failed. She gains and loses traits while still keeping what makes her Applejack.




That's that. Hopefully I've shed some light on why she is superior.

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tl;dr AJ is best background pony.

I spent three goddamn weeks on this and this is what I get?


I ain't even mad. *clapclapclap*

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I'm with Otty, though Derpeh is best background pony.

Great, Makusu's here. Now I have to repost in case my post got infected.


Just kidding. Luv u bby and yeah Derpeh is best BG Pony.

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