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  1. I am sorry everyone but I have been very busy lately I am almost done with the chapter It MAY be up tomorrow Any questions feel free to PM me
  2. Fluttershy is in lock-in she may not vote nor roleplay.
  3. ATTENTION: You may now vote but it will be a little different. You are voting to eliminate either: 1- TGAPBabsSeed-Trixie 2- AwesomelLemon- Applejack It's only this 2 because they have been inactive so that's why one of them has to leave. Vote via PM as always
  4. Right Now: It was a hard night for everyone, no one really actually went to sleep, they lied on their backs waiting. Thanks to Pinkie’s hospitality, though, everyone had blankets and a sleeping bag for everyone. Soarin decided that he would stand watch, and at first there was some argument between him and Turner. Turner wanted to be in the lookout, but eventually, Turner stormed off, grumbling, to a corner. But he tripped on a table and the drinks came tumbling down. One nearly Rarity and she jumped back. “Watch where you are going!” is what Rarity said. Turner, however, mistook
  5. Pinkie Pie went up to flamenist,turner and twinkleshine and said "Be careful not to draw attention to yourselves"
  6. Ok Ok Here is the chapter! “Pinkie Pie, what are we going to do?” Fluttershy asked. Gummy snuffed at her feet and squeaked. She picked him up and hugged him like he was a stuffed animal. He squeaked and nuzzled under Pinkie Pie’s chin. Snips looked around, and dropped the pudding when he saw the dead pony. “Fluttershy, Applejack and Rarity, go upstairs to my room and grab all of my blankets and pillows. Big Mac, Turner, and Snips, you all go seal up any and all entrances or exits,” Pinkie Pie said, taking on a responsibility, and forming a plan. Fluttershy, Applejack, and Rarity all scurr
  7. Attention everyone the votes are in and it's a tie! I will each send a Private Message to selected players ONLY to see who they want to vote out and this will only be for 2 days!
  8. 'Don't faint!" Pinkie Pie screamed
  9. "But they don't look like a werewolf!" Pinkie Pie said to Turner
  10. Attention everyone votes will close in 1 day! Votes after tommrow will NOT be acceptable. Once you vote I will need a week (maybe) to write the 2nd part Any questions Private Message me When you vote Private Message me
  11. You have just described me 100%! We are litellary twins! This is plain creepy I just can't believe it! And we don't even know each other!!
  12. "By paying attention to EVERYTHING and either way in 3 days the creator will be announcing who we thought the werewolf is" Pinkie Pie said "Nobody is going anywhere because this is a lock-in so no need to worry" Pie Pie said to Turner
  13. I am a guy but same as you I have more friends that are girls than boys. I can be manly but sometimes I can be EXTREMELY sensitive and just like you I hate getting dirty. Calculation: 60 % more femenine and 40% more masculine.
  14. "We are catching a werewolf" Pinkie pie responded "and we are 12 ponies"
  15. "Yes we do but how can we catch it before it does more damage? Pinkie Pie askes
  16. Pinkie Pie told Gummy to get the keyand bring it to her and when he did she went outside anf threw the body to the big trash can.
  17. "I didn't see anything and I was dancing with the victim!" Pinkie Pie cried "Its a pony who is a werewolf" responded pinkie pie "didn't you hear the growling??
  18. "We obviously know the werewolf is in this room" Pinkie Pie said
  19. A couple of things I forgot to mention. 1-When you vote don't vote according to the story. The story has nothing to do with who the werewolf is. 2- You MAY make an alliance and play strategically Just a few pointers good luck everyone
  20. Yes I am sorry but you can still watch EDIT: Attention everyone the votes are now opened you can vote on who the werewolf is by Private Messaging me! The votes will close in 3 days so hurry and make your selections fast!
  21. "My party is ruined" Yelled Pinkie Pie crying
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