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  1. what made my smile today playing with my cat find a pair of jeans that fit nice like hugging my dog howling with my dog talking with my cat and her meowing back eating good pizza rolls just being home for a few days.
  2. fav usa cartoons Samurai Jack X-Men: Evolution Avatar: Last Airbender Gargoyles That bout tops my list in truth for my fav cartoons.
  3. Games that made my cry after spending hours of freaking playing them and doing every little thing... FFX: I spent a lot of time on this game and i still love it, the ending was romance but bitter which made me cry.. KH2: Many hours of play, like the darker tones. Okami: Parts of the game had a darker theme...
  4. Dr. Whooves Just based on how the fandom just gave him a place in the show and how he has come out strong with a lot of fans in the show and pairing the Doc with Derpy just make it all so more cute!
  5. I go my one term! Fan. Im a fan of MLP and the fandom myself but I'm part of many other fandoms in truth so i like to keep hings simple, gender free and have fun with things and meet new souls!
  6. I don't mind earth ponies in truth and i got a oc i've been working on for a while for a earth pony. Just must i hate to say it, but a lot of ppl do like to use Unicorns and Peggies for their writing but earth ponies can also have their own quire way if you try to work it out!
  7. Part of me tends to be in a bit of a mix on this one to just pick one so I will go with two: Kindness: When i speak of kindness, i don't mean the big things that make the news but the small things like someone returning money they found and not keeping it or if a kid drops their toy, a person gives it back or holding the door open for someone and they don't note it. Thats the kindness i look for in truth in everyday life and setting. Now the other one not listed is Magic: This one is look at more in the mind set of dreams, imagination creativity, and such things the human mind can do! Everything we have done from basic cave paintings to walking on the moon! Idea's that can bring all sorts of ppl together is a type of unseen magic!
  8. more of the writer type of with some fan images on the side. I don't have the money to buy stuff sadly... i tend to get to many books in truth.....
  9. i would give it a try for the show long as the voice actors are the same and they stick to the main cannons personalities if anything. It would be interesting to see them in human form, they already have a ton of fanfic/fan art out for this very thing!
  10. I personal love Scoot out of all the CMC in truth, she reminds me of me as a young kid and she seems a bit more sure of herself. Sweetie Bell is my 2ed, just due to how she reacts to things and clash between her and Rare at times makes for good shows and humor in the eps.
  11. I tend to hit the mlo fandom from images and fanfic to making my own fanfic and images, or the forms and daydreaming which does help me to stress relive if anything!
  12. The Crystal Empire Story: I think they had a good story idea, which got us more Armor also and seeing he be bad ass! Which also gave out more of the history of the show if anything. I did feel rushed a bit like the ending sadly but it gave Spike also more show time so i would say it was 3/5 out of everything.
  13. Yes we need more Luna! We need more history of the Alicorns We could have filly Luna! Anything to do with Luna is a must and more eps of her would be a pitch Win for MLP!
  14. Cuties Filly/Foal Scoot Cuties Grown Pony Derpy Flutter Shy Pet Tank Angel bunny Princess Luna hooves down.... Cuties Male Dr Hooves.
  15. My friends don't care nor does my mom, I've been into the nerd life of things and they leave me alone on it if anything. Personal, I don't care who knows and ppl will always have a hater in their life based on something.