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  1. I'm back after a very interesting summer and beginning of school

  2. I got a 3gb data plan, my data is on, I turn my wifi off when i try to use data. When i try to update my facebook feed it says Network Error. The 4g thing shows looks like it's sending and receiving info.
  3. I got a new s3 a while ago and the mobile data isn't working for me and I haven't given it much though cause I am on wifi most of the time. I am leaving for 3 weeks on saturday and was hoping to do stuff on my phone but with data I can't. I have searched on the internets and couldn't find anything that i can make sense of, I am kinda new to smart phones. Thanks, -Nolan
  4. I've watched Equestria Girls 4 times in the last 24 hours, I need help I think

  5. And I'm back after a little break :(

  6. For some reason it's not showing up for me in the play store. I am on a Galaxy s3.
  7. I just finished watching it on youtube and all i can saw is I Love it! They did a really good job with this movie and I am going to watch it again!
  8. Oh yay I am part of Cult now. Haha the people who think we are a cult are just plain stupid. Yes there are some radical people who watch the show and worship Celestia and Luna like they are gods, but you have radicals in everything. If we are a cult then we need to do something, like go watch ponies and be happy.
  9. If you watch very closely when Twilight's eyes flash when she figures out how to fix the magic the 6 star cutie mark is shown. I think the 6 starts is a sign that her studies are complete. I don't think they will be adding a new pony to the mane 6 because Twilight is now a alicorn. Would she take over the magic shard when she replaces twilight, I don't think that would happen. Just my thoughts
  10. What is a good name for the female character in my short story?

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    2. khaine21x3


      Gorbachev, Yeltsin, Lenin, Dimitri

    3. Nolanrob


      Dimitri Putin is now the project leader

    4. Iudex
  11. I love not having school on Mondays.

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    2. Nolanrob


      That was very funny

    3. Rainbow    Dash

      Rainbow Dash

      not sure if they mean that

      or if they are being sarcastic


    4. Nolanrob


      Who knows but it made me laugh

  12. Don't think I am going to sleep tonight

  13. Starting to watch season 1 for the 3rd time

  14. Do the ponies effect what you get from the shops? How long did it take you to get all the shards and how many does magic take to unlock?
  15. 125 Loyalty shards!!?? That is freakin' ridiculous! It is going to take me soo long to get that many. Anypony know an easy way to get that many in a short amount of time without time traveling? Please help me