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  1. There is a back up now. The part with Spike happens at 1:10.
  2. Okay this is a good one. The White House put up a video on JFK. Clearly they ripped the images from Google Image Search, because by mistake they used an image of Spike with JFK edited in thinking it was the undoctored photo! The video however is now private. EQD article on it:
  3. Bobby Curnow has confirmed that Anderson was never fired: Source:
  4. This is kind of a shame. Back in July Ted Anderson did an interview with the Babble with Bronies show and he comes off as a cool guy here (For some stupid reason the link kicks to the 45 minute mark of the interview...I have it set to start at the beginning...). I hope though this doesn't affect what kind of freedom the other writers for IDW have.
  5. The other day, Bronystate's Sunday show Babble with Bronies had a two-hour talk with Dr. Edwards, the doctor behind the Brony Psychology Study (You may have seen him in the Brony documentary). This is a very interesting and informative interview where Edwards discusses a range of topics such as why he did the study, exposing the show to non-Bronies, former fans, etc. Watch it below:
  6. 'Hello folks! I was feeling random, so I took Smile HD, cut out all the very nasty shots, added in a new narrative that it was a an evil berserk Pinkie clone as well as 60s Batman music and POW! effects. I generally gave this edit a Batman/comic book theme. Enjoy folks!
  7. What happens when Bronystate runs through all the G4 episodes and have an open slot? They play some G1 for the heck of it, and hilarity ensues in the chat room:
  8. Well this is amusing. Remember that little "dedication" to Lauren at the very end? Well, someone showed her the image of it, and here's her response:
  9. Here's how the Bronystate livestream reacting to the finale. My favorite part is after Twilight gets smoked by the Elements and they go to the commercial everyone's like "Well, Hasbro listened to our complaints. Instead of making her an alicorn, they killed her instead. Nice job guys!"
  10. The documentary is a 90 minute film that is about several Brony stories and their experiences at Bronycon, BUCK, and Galacon (The doc was originally going to just chronicle Bronycon but they also briefly cover the European cons) , and also features appearances by de Lancie, Tara Strong, and Lauren Faust. That cartoon video of de Lancie singing about us is only part of the film.
  11. There has been a recent interview with Tara where she discusses Alicorn Twilight and that it may not have much of an effect on the show's dynamic: (Source:
  12. The Brony Documentary site has been updated with the DVD/Blu-Ray Combo Pack now available for purchase. -The DVD contains the documentary as well as extra footage of BUCK and Galacon. -The Bonus Disc contains over three hours worth of interviews with Tara Strong, Lauren Faust, and John de Lancie. Both discs can be purchased separately for $25 each, or together in one complete package for $39.99. So those who aren't interested in watching the documentary itself but just want the interview disc can get it by itself if they wish. Shipping is not included. The DVD can be purchased here: Extended interview feature trailer:
  13. Since this past summer, the Hub has been advertising its shows at the Chuck E. Cheese restaurant chain, playing clips from several of its shows such as Pound Puppies, Aquabats, and of course MLP:FiM during the intermissions in-between their animatronic stage show skits. Last month, during Christmas they ran a clip from Hearth's Warming Eve. Currently, they are running Winter Wrap Up. Chuck. E. and Pink E. Chuck's staring at me wondering "Why is that guy taking pictures of this pony stuff?" . Nah, he knows why. Cause Chuck E. must be a Bron E.
  14. What happens when a bunch of trolls invade the Bronystate chat room and bug the mods endlessly to put on FiM even though they're in the middle of something else? They put THIS on to scare them off...
  15. Hello folks! I want to share with you the collective works of my favorite MLP author, Crioton. Since April 2011, he has written nine fanfics, seven of which are linked to his own little universe where he implements ideas that are not in the show. While Crio's stories do have a few tiny flaws here and there, he has good grammar and word choice, plus what made me a fan of his are his two major fanfics: "Sunset" and "For Want of a Dawn", which fall into grimdark territory. I am not really into grimdark, and Crio's stuff are the only ones I've enjoyed. He dosen't let the dark elements become the over-arching point of the stories, and instead focuses on his narrative and premise. I very much recommend giving his stories a read, and I have listed them all below. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! And for those who have already read his stories, feel free to discuss them! ***THE SUNSET UNIVERSE SERIES*** Crioton's main series of fanfics. Story elements from each of these stories carry over to the next, so it is recommended that you read them in order or some things may confuse you. All these stories take place in-between Season 1 and Season 2. WORDS ARE LOUDER Crioton's first fanfic, in which we are introduced to his version of Derpy. "Derpy goes about her usual day, but with a slight change; she tries to talk to Twilight Sparkle. Will she be able to make friends with theintroverted unicorn? Or, will she scare her off with her... unique ways?" Original: Rewrite: BLOOD IS THICKER Twilight receives a letter out of the blue from her mother. She has left her the ages-old task of keeping their family tree updated, and hints to it being incomplete. Will she be able to discover this missing relative, or will she fail as her mother did? SUNSET Ciroton's first major dark fanfic, which is five chapters long. "Some things in this world happen by chance. Others do not. Twilight is about to learn a disturbing truth that will turn her world upside down." (Warning: Contains some disturbing images and a bit of graphic violence. Also, please note that what happens to Twilight and Celestia in this story carries over to the other fanfics below. So if you read any of the below fics without reading this one and are confused about some of the things in them, they probably happened here.) Also available as a complete PDF file: MY LITTLE MUFFIN Ciroton's take on how Dinky came to be Derpy's daughter. A normal night for Derpy goes horribly wrong. Can she take the charred remains of a shattered life and nurse it back to health? How will the citizens of Ponyville react to the changes that night brings? Can the Pegasus conquer her demons for a pony who means more to her then anything else? Chapter 1: Chapter 2: Chapter 3: CLASH OF THE HEAVENLY TITANS Weary of the humdrum day-to-day business of Canterlot, Princess Luna decides to do something about it by reviving a holiday lost to the passage of time. However, she gets more than she bargained for when her elder sister, Celestia, decides to join in on the fun. Can the majestic capital survive two warring, immortal Alicorns? THE RELUCTANT REUNION OF THE REDOUBTABLE RABBLE ROUSER Summary: Trixie assures you, no matter WHAT that infernal Twilight Sparkle says, she is NOT the Great and Powerful Trixie's sister, and that mare with her is NOT Trixie's mother! ... And most certainly of all, Trixie is not starving to death or down on her luck! She is the chosen protege of the greatest magician the world has ever know! There is no WAY that Trixie could ever be like that. None! This is the sequel to the "Blood is Thicker" story above, so read that before this one. FOR WANT OF A DAWN Crioton's longest fanfic at twenty-five chapters. In this grimdark epic adventure sequel to Sunset, Twilight is transported ten years to an alternate bad future where Equestria is ruled by the tyrant Queen Eos. Her friends have all gone their separate ways and can no longer agree or work with each other. Can Twilight cope with all of the changes thrust upon her in this dark new world, and can she reunite her friends and bring down Eos? (Warning: This is Crioton's most intense story, and contains graphic violence and death. Be forewarned. Also, it is **required ** that you read Sunset first to understand this) ***STANDALONE STORIES*** (These stories below are not a part of the "Sunset" universe. These can be read without having to read any of the other above stories first) SHADOW OVER PONYVILLE Some things are meant to remain secret; to forever toil in the shadows behind a smiling facade of playfulness and friendship. Rarity happens across such a secret one star-filled night, but can she steer towards the light, or with the intoxicating and seductive brew of power overcome her judgement? After all, that which should be feared the most is the friendly pony with the dagger behind their back. Tagged 'Dark' for mild Horror. (Warning: Contains a bit of graphic violence near the very end. ) Also available as a PDF download: MEZZA VOCE (WORK-IN-PROGRESS: LAST UPDATE: 2/9/13) Crioton's latest fanfic, currently in progress. Vinyl Scratch is a mare of mystery: hard to meet and even harder to get to know. It is an image she has cultivated since her early days as a DJ and is not likely to ever let go. She is the queen of the music scene and her purple shades are her crown. To her roommate, Octavia, she is a vulgar annoyance and a blemish on her otherwise spotless life. However, when she accidentally destroys the one thing that matters most to the unicorn, the cellist finds herself learning more than she ever cared to know about the rock-loving mare.