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  1. Moving tomorrow across town. Can't wait!

  2. That's a good point. I found her character more bland than unlikeable, to be perfectly honest, but there is a difference between Trixie, who ended her episode being chased out of town by something that was in town through no fault of her own, and Gilda leaving because she thought she was "too cool" to be around the mane six, Rainbow Dash included in that. Gilda brought her comeuppance onto herself to some degree (you can say Rainbow Dash was a bit over-the-top, but she had a basis to be), whereas Trixie could not be blamed in any realistic way for what happened to her. That's the big difference between the two, in my opinion.
  3. In the show, they will still be ponies. EG will not impact the show directly. Everyone involved higher up in the movie has said so. This movie is basically a one-off thing. It can't even really be called a spin-off. Think of it more as a "what-if" thing.
  4. Here's my thoughts on EG. I might see it at some point, but I won't pay to do so, because I am concerned about the info I have on it. That said, they've said repeatedly that it won't affect S4, so I'm still looking forward to that, or I would be if I had even gotten through S2 yet. In my opinion, any argument over how EG will affect S4 is a pointless argument, and getting confrontational with others is kind of missing almost every moral of FiM.
  5. Fair point. But to make my own point, there are already uninformed people consider FiM to be nothing more than a kid's show, despite all evidence to the contrary. I don't see how this will be any different. I'm not saying "don't care what people think". But if people you know are going to judge you based off a spin-off that you don't watch to a show you do, they were already judging you silently.
  6. I agree. I just read his post as saying that EQG would have a negative effect on FiM as if it were a fact, when it is far from such.
  7. Hasn't it already been stated, multiple times, that EQG is not canon? You almost seem to want this movie to suck, and want to see the fandom collapse, because you are ignoring the information we have in order to stick to your theory that this one movie will destroy the brony fandom, or at least severely damage it.
  8. Can't copy and paste (on a tablet), but my test came out as being Rainbow Dash with a bit of Applejack. I...don't agree. Depending on how comfortable around people, I'm either Fluttershy or Pinkie Pie.
  9. I disagree, to put it mildly. Hasbro is not run by total idiots. Who has more disposable income? Parents, or college students? Saying that Hasbro is intentionally alienating a huge target market is not exactly accurate. And "something it was never really supposed to be"? You mean, a show aimed at young girls?
  10. I love a lot of video game music, so narrowing it down to just three tracks is really hard. However, I'll do my best. The first one is from the original Sonic the Hedgehog, and the second is from Final Fantasy VII. The third is simply one of the most satisfying sounds in any video game, in my opinion.
  11. I am not very well known on this forum, I think. I joined a couple weeks ago, but I mostly lurk, posting in a topic here or there. If I were known for anything, it would be my reviews of MLP episodes...and I have no idea how many people even read those. So, 1/10 is being generous.
  12. I just finished reviewing (and rewatching) this episode. Overall, I found it rather "meh". The only thing that made it even slightly above average to me were Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, who did what they had to do very well, and made for villains that were fun to root against. Other than that, the episode just screamed "generic" to me.
  13. Holy crap. Are you me? Seriously, I can't think of much to add to what you said, as almost every single one of your opinions lined up with mine. I will say one thing, though. While most of Sir Roger Moore's Bond movies were bad, I did enjoy The Spy Who Loved Me and For Your Eyes Only. Not so much for Sir Roger Moore, mind you. TSWLM, I enjoyed for Jaws and Major Hotness (her real name was something Russian I can't recall starting with A). As for For Your Eyes Only, I liked the story, and thought the writing was really strong for a Moore film. Then I found out the movie was originally written for a new Bond, as Sir Roger Moore thought about retiring. That actor? Some guy named Timothy Dalton, who declined as he felt too young to be Bond.
  14. I'm bi. I just want to make that clear, before anyone tries to say I'm against gays or whatever. However, in a show like this, having an episode would not work out as well. It's a kid's show. I remember when my state passed a proposition that banned gay marriages (don't worry, they are working on fixing that problem). One of the arguments was that if we allowed gay marriages, we would have to teach our kids about alternative marriages. Total horse apples, but if we were to try to put a pro-homosexuality moral in a kid's shows, we'd have those same politicians up in arms again, claiming it as proof that we are trying to force our kids to accept homosexuality. Not that that is a bad thing, mind you. I'm just worried about starting another Derpygate.
  15. I love Weird Al songs. Couldn't even say what my favorite is. However, top 5, in no order, would be "White and Nerdy", "Perform this Way", "Trigger Happy", "Hardware Store", and "Polka Face".