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  1. Hello, The Crusaders are here. All four of us, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, Applebloom, and Babs. So, ask us anything! We can answer as a group, or as just individual ponies. So, go on, ask us!
  2. How many regenerations can you go through before you, well, die?
  3. Bowties

    Ask Scootaloo

    Scootaloo, why are you so awesome? Also, what is your favorite color?
  4. Banned for wanting to fight something.
  5. Greg greets George greatly.
  6. It would be nice to learn how Celestia grew up, who her friends were (if any). Or about her parents, how she came to be, stuff like that. I always imagined Celestia as a god, but she got defeated in 'A Canterlot Wedding.'
  7. I like to think that alicorn a magic exceeds their physical strength, which brings up the point that Mars Brown said, Why do things the hard way when you have a horn and wings? But I like to think they are really strong, they just don't have a need to show off or anything. Like in that episode of Doctor Who where The Doctor becomes Jhon Smith, and he could of defeated the family, but he chose to give them a chance and hide. I think Alicorns are like that. They could destroy anyone and everyone, but they choose not to. That was a little confusing. :/
  8. Daisies don't die during dinner.
  9. I heard you read Twilight. Like, the book.
  10. Ok, for this game you will need only two things. First, you need to know the alphabet. Second, you need to know what an alliteration is. The alphabet is pretty simple, ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ. And an alliteration is a sentence or group of words that all start with the sane letter. For example, She sells seashells by the seashore. But, not all tongue twisters are alliterations, and not all alliterations are tongue twisters. So, to play this game, you can't post anything but alliterations, and you post in alphabetical order. Example- Person 1- Always avoid alliterations. Person 2- Betty bought bitter butter. Person 3- Cathy called Cody. And so on and so forth. So! I'll start- Andy ate apples.
  11. ChimiCherry? Or CherryChanga? ChimiCherry? Or CherryChanga? ChimiCherry? Or CherryChanga? ChimiCherry? Or CherryChanga? ChimiCherry? Or CherryChanga? ChimiCherry? Or CherryChanga?
  12. How about... - Burnt Water - Flaming Water - Extinguish (since water extinguishes fire) - Wet Flare One thing I'm wondering, what would his talent be with a cutie mark like that?
  13. Hmm... If he likes music, why not try just putting two music words together? Such as- - Bass Note - Double Eighth - Guitar Pick - Strings Those are just a few. I can't really think of much more at the moment. Hope you enjoyed these!