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  1. Mulberry frowned and gave him a cool stare but flicked her ears and brushed it off. He'll probably tell you when he's ready, she told herself. "Your ship seems like an amazing idea... it seems like it would make transporting your resources and all sorts of other things a lot easier."
  2. Mulberry bit her lip uncertainly. "It's been going well -- the berries are really delicate, so it takes a really light touch to harvest them. Apples and other fruits are a lot more popular because they're so easy to harvest, but I think that if we introduce these ponies to crystal berries, they'll realize how amazing they are," she declared. "Someday I'm gonna start my own business -- I just need the money to begin," she added. "So, what do you do?"
  3. Mulberry flicked her ears in puzzlement. "Hmmm. That's probably the case for most of them -- just ponies with a lot of connections here, I suppose," she commented dryly. She smiled shyly and added, "I know that I'm enjoying my time here, anyways -- it's been a lot of fun.."
  4. Mulberry nodded bobbed her head in agreement. "Yeah... so, do you know any other ponies here, or did you come alone?" she asked curiously, taking a swig of the punch from the bowl nearby. "I wonder what all these other ponies are here for..." she wondered aloud, glancing around the ballroom.
  5. Mulberry nodded. "Yeah, having somepony with me would be fantastic." She lowered her voice and added, "Butch kinda makes me nervous... he seems so imposing, y'know?" She snagged a slice of an slice of apple pie, drizzled with caramel and lined with curls of shaved apple. "Wow... these chefs really know their stuff! These are divine!" she exclaimed brightly.
  6. Mulberry began to walk alongside him. "It's been fine... I'm just here to try and ask for a loan from Butch to start my crystal berry farm in Cloudsdale -- it takes a long time to ship them from the Crystal Empire to the Ponyville area, and the berries need to be preserved for long periods of time. I don't really know anypony here, though -- you're the first pony I've actually spoken to tonight."
  7. Mulberry nodded. She noticed that there was a table full of delicious looking appetizers and drinks. She pointed a hoof at it and said, "Maybe we could go get something to eat from over there? I'm starved," she admitted. The cherry pie had done little to stave off her hunger.
  8. Mulberry's eyes widened as she got an idea. "Maybe I could go and fly to your place and snatch a few copies?" she suggested hopefully, giving Gearbox her best hopeful look. Maybe this could work..maybe maybe maybe maybe maybe maybe maybe maybe maybe maybe...
  9. Mulberry dropped to his level and gave him a hug, not caring about who was watching. "Did you make any copies? Could you make new ones?" she asked. "Maybe you could find Butch again when you find them and ask him for help then?" she suggested. She felt ashamed of herself for assuming the worst about him..
  10. Mulberry got back onto her hooves and shook herself, flicking her ears back and giving Gearbox a puzzled look. "Gearbox? What's going on? Is there something wrong?" she asked, eyes narrowing. She was trying not to be suspicious, but Gearbox's skittish attitude was making it rather hard.
  11. Grace yawned and glanced around in confusion, then realized that somepony had knocked on the door. She snatched her hairbrush and gave her mane a few quick strokes then darted over to open the door. "Hi! I'm Grace Raspberry," she introduced herself, extending a pale fuchsia hoof towards the mint-green mare standing outside.
  12. Grace Raspberry trotted into her dorm room, taking a look around to see if anypony was around. She sighed deeply and chucked her book bag onto her bed and settled down for a brief nap before her next class began in a half hour. As her eyes closed, Grace wondered where her roommate was...
  13. Once, I was at the gym and there was this big, burly dark-skinned dude walking through the gym wearing a Fluttershy shirt that said yay on it. He was awesome.
  14. Mulberry nodded brightly. "Don't worry. I'm not going anywhere," she reassured him. As he began to trot away, she pondered over what had happened and where Gearbox was going. She almost asked where he was going but thought better of it. He'll be back... eventually..
  15. Hi there! Is it too late to join? This is Grace Raspberry. She doesn't care about where you put her.