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  1. Smarts

    Confession Time!

    I honestly don't care if they don't have control over it. I loathe their kind, end of story.
  2. Smarts

    General Why did you choose your username?

    I changed my name to Smarts because it sounds better... I-I mean, I was always called Smarts. Didn't change my name at all, no siree. I don't know what you are talking about, shut up!
  3. Smarts

    Web Ever been blocked on a site for nonsense?

    No, but I am trying to here.
  4. Smarts

    Do you have a non-pony waifu/husbando?

    I don't know how many times I've said it, but it is and will always be IF.
  5. Not getting shot comes to mind.
  6. Smarts

    Movies/TV Worst Cartoon shows?

    Teen Titans Go... I consider it insulting to the original one.
  7. Smarts

    Confession Time!

    I'm a misogynist. Ironic, isn't it? Edit: Though I should clarify. I have no problem with fictional females, I actually like them. This is noteable from some of the things I like, such as Hyperdimension Neptunia for example. I just hate females in real life.
  8. Smarts

    How did you find your avatar ?

    I was looking for anything IF related and my friend linked me to this pic of her from the anime. I thought it was perfect for an avatar, and well there you go.
  9. Smarts

    Things You Had to Learn The Hard Way

    People are not to be trusted.
  10. I'm poor as dirt, so I'll take the cash.
  11. Smarts

    Which villain would you date?

    Any answer that isn't Chrysalis is just wrong. Just sayin
  12. Oh no, it deserves to be criticized like everything else. Bronies don't get a free pass.
  13. Smarts

    Don't hate.

    Because no one deserves my forgiveness. I am judge, jury, and executioner!
  14. Smarts

    The above avatar is sitting on you

    That better not be my blood...