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  1. Happy birthday, Marcato. You were my favorite mod.

  2. Holy shit i haven't laughed like that in years. That's hilarious. "also they naemed the princess celestia because the illuminati told them to"
  3. >that feel when you lost a friend because of otters

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    2. CadetGrey


      It'll be a matter of time before one of us will return home after a long day only to find all our wooden furniture to be damaged.

    3. Remi


      ^this comment

    4. Dawn Arethia Whooves

      Dawn Arethia Whooves

      this is amazing. I know it shouldn't be,but the amount of hilariousness is overwhelming XD

  4. dood pls give me the link to the original picture of your avatar

    1. Vinyl Scratch (Filly)™

      Vinyl Scratch (Filly)™

      The original picture is futa

    2. Remi





  5. Sweet Jesus this is fucking dark for an MLP fan. I'd just offer Celestia a life-time supply of bananas in exchange for the throne; and then make Luna my actual waifu slave due to the power granted to me. And with my new power as ruler I would use it for unlimited pony booty on command.
  6. What is he correct way of spelling grey/gray?

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    2. Remi


      The latter. :v

    3. CadetGrey


      Well, that's good! Sort of! That you're not ill! Uh... Words. They can be so difficult to find from time to time. Anyway, what have you been doing the entire day?

    4. Remi


      It's fine, puns exhaust the mind.

      And being ill doesn't exactly help.


      Ive been being a party animal and been lying in bed.

  7. Why do we keep looking at each other's profile?

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    2. Remi


      Apparently Remi is a popular name.


      I thought it would be hipster. :c


      oh well.

    3. Dawn Arethia Whooves

      Dawn Arethia Whooves

      i dunno....he's french O . o

    4. Remi




      Well I chose this username from Kyson - Remi (Essáy Remix)

  8. Remi

    Gaming Flappy Bird is SO Overrated

    Pffft. You're just jealous that your high score isn't 175. B^) #rekt It's overrated sure, but it is a very simple game. That's what made it popular; difficulty and simplicity. "...Now excuse me while I play a real man's game." >minecraft.jpg *tips fedora* pls have my babies senpai
  9. Remi

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    whoa whoa whoa man 2edgy4me now pls put down the knife
  10. Nice avatar; I've seen it before.

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    2. Remi


      I can make you quack all night.


      No, i mean the drool coming from AJ's mouth shows what it is, but if i didnt go look at r34, i wouldnt know what it is.



    3. Haven Celestii

      Haven Celestii

      Oh god. xD


      Is that actually drool? I could sworn it was just light behind her. :wacko:



      True. Gotta kinda be in the know to figure it out it, I guess.

    4. Remi


      I've used that as a pick-up line before.

      I brought a rubber ducky to a public pool and said that to a girl.

      I got kicked out.


      I've seen it more than enough times.

      It's engraved in my head.


      Luckily a lot of people here are prudes, so you won't have to worry.

  11. Moonshy-ne.

  12. Remi

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    If i cover your bottom half of your face, you look 19. If I cover the top half of your face, you look 32.
  13. Remi

    Glad to be here.

    This should have been posted in the Welcoming Plaza, but oh well. Welcome.
  14. But who was phone?

  15. Remi

    Ponies IRL

    Tulpas are already being done, which is pretty similar, and no, that doesn't cause harm by connecting two universes. If you wanted to be with real ponies from FiM, you can enter a separate plane and manifest Equestria with your Astral Eyes/Energy.
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