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  1. Well listened to the Fluttershy one twice today. If anything I found it hard to be angry at my dog for trying to pee in the house so success I guess? Wouldn't say it has done much aside muffle my hardcore Viking rage though. Also this is probably just one of those 'You don't notice it until it is pointed out' things but my cat has been really nice to me after the second time listening to it.
  2. Well... This is why I keep extra axes around...
  3. Bleh, I'll have unicorn. I prefer to be firmly planted on the ground, flying would just make me sick. Plus it is probably a pain to fly with wings so small in relation to your whole body.
  4. Hmm, probably enough pastry sweets to get Pinkie sick. I'm talking cakes and fillings everywhere, dripping form the ceiling, sinks running with batter, and snowing powdered sugar.
  5. Well I've only got a few complaints really. Grimdark, it doesn't really fit in to the fandom especially when they try to link it to the cannon somehow. And brutal force bronies, the ones who try to force it onto people, I can say what it does to them. It makes you hate all bronies and puts them away from the show for a while. Take me for example, three friends tried tirelessly to make me love the show and fandom and in the end I hated everything small, cute, and colorful because of it, of course when I toke the time on my own I found it to be enjoyable but people like that just ruin it.
  6. Why didn't I think to check Etsy? Thanks alot friend! I hope I can get the money on my card before someone else decides to grab it.
  7. This is going to be interesting. I've got a pretty hardy head on my shoulders, to the point that some mind altering drugs, like those meant for panic attacks, have no effect on me. Let the games begin, a Viking vs hypnosis.
  8. I've been looking for a while and can't really find a plush of Fluttershy and can't seem to find one that isn't as big as my cat or at an affordable price so does anyone here know where I can get a small hand sized Fluttershy plush? I'm not a fan of large plushes so if you're wondering why I won't get a normal sized one thats why. Plus I have no space to keep it.
  9. Hm. If I were to be discorded I would be the most deceitful little bugger. Way too outwardly kind and social secretly wanting to mercifully kill everyone. Plus I would probably cry alot, I'm normally a stone hearted bastard with few examples. Kind of feels like a social and secretly murderous Fluttershy.
  10. I think I am just because the topic never comes up in conversation. I've got a couple friends who know because they tried to push me into this and when I decided to look into on my own I figure I'd tell them. But for the most part I don't think many know just because I don't feel the need to advertise it, although a big guy in a viking hat like me liking a colorful show would make a good jest.
  11. I'm not typically into darker things unless it is just all out 'You're fucked' levels. For that reason I can say I was interested in that Lil miss Rarity blog/story that was around a while ago. And I've seen some stuff like the rainbow factory, cupcakes, and rocks but the fact it ties in with the show's initial happy tune just kind of off puts me.
  12. Not sure if I'm entitled to make a remark here as a new member to the fandom but even outside of it and just passively noticing things I've seen that it has died down a bit. Not dying out, just some people leaving and everyone else is mellowing out when it comes to advertising it. But hey I'm proof the fandom is still attracting people so I'm probably just insane.
  13. This thread was made for me. I love all cakes, I swear I've baked atleast 3 of any type of cake out there and by far is pumpkin roll cakes. Just so freaking good and with some vanilla and lemon or honey icing inside it can't be beat.
  14. I'm heading to school on August 10th, sadly my birthday aswell. Not looking forward to it, the majority of people there are ridiculously stupid or incredibly full of themselves.