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  1. Just a question, do you know what radost means? It means joy.

  2. Happy Birthday, Radost! :D

  3. Recently i have been wanting to make a request shop again for peoples signatures/wallpaper request. I can make then with peoples OC's but make sure you have vectors of them to send to me, just link then in the post. here is a link to my deviantart:http://radostt.deviantart.com/ and some of the wallpaper's i have made recently http://fav.me/d6xgoxv http://fav.me/d6xpjja http://fav.me/d6x2dbe
  4. I think they could have designed cooler costumes for all of them Rarity's was ok.
  5. I feel like Fly to the Finish was kind of a filler, their is so much other stuff CMC could have done, i felt the the plot was just out of the blue.
  6. I have not been out of the country in quite some years, my favorite vacation has to be when i went to Myrtle beach a few years ago. I just really enjoy the beach and that vacation has been the most recent so i was the oldest, they keep getting better and better the older i get.
  7. I think it would be awesome to be able to transform into a dragon, the idea is kind of overused though its still seems awesome as ever!
  8. I think maybe some, look very European, probably because i am 50% Czech and 25% German and the rest is from Europe as well. I don't really share my feelings, i'm really chill with just everybody, i live in a small town. I'm not tall but i'm short I'm like 5'10 150 LBS pretty average. I like to think allot, maybe more then my own good. I would say yeah maybe a little.
  9. If i wanted to make a request shop for signatures, could some pony link me where i need to be?

  10. If this applies for any art i cant stand when its disproportion. it just draws your eyes towards it.
  11. It was a movie on Steve Jobs i forget whats it called though. I thought it was ok, before that it was the 5th element(must have been the 6th time watching that movie).
  12. I heard that it was leaded early and i didn't watch it until Saturday. I loved the episode! it made it even more sweet having played castle mania. I thought the episode was put together really nice. Go twilight for being the only one to remain calm.