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  1. I agree with Rep, his points are very well done. The fandom has alot if issues that need to be adressed. Furthermore, like some have said, Anti-bronies provide alot of good info to help the community grow as they point out the flaws of the brony community and open discussions.
  2. ShadowFoxz

    Give reasons as to why Pinkie doesn't have HPD

    Are you able to provide evidence supporting that claim?
  3. ShadowFoxz

    Ups and downs.

    I think the teacher just thought that gabriel was a better fit for the job or wanted to see gabe's skills. Should give the binder back as it can be seen as rude if you dont give gabe the info he needs to use in order to do his job as it makes you look clingy
  4. ShadowFoxz

    Is twilight Autistic?

    After reading some of the replies I have an additional question, out of the main characters who do you think would be/ most likely be on the spectrum?
  5. ShadowFoxz

    Is twilight Autistic?

    Check this screen cap What do you think about what the Red person is saying? I think they bring a good point, it's possible that early twilight was maybe on the autism spectrum. If you think critically it's not that outlandish to say that's it is a possibility and that those earlier episodes were meant to have the hidden theme/message that it's okay to be alone/reserved however theres no shame in stepping into the social world even if you don't want to or don't like it. What do you guy's think, is it possible that early twilight was on the spectrum?
  6. ShadowFoxz

    Mega Thread Everypony's Religion And Why?

    No, I can only say that you enslave yourselves to a cause of which there is no proof and that many were inducted by just being casually forced or activly forced into something where they may not know any better or think critically and evaluate what they are being told
  7. ShadowFoxz

    Mega Thread Everypony's Religion And Why?

    What are you talking about? I havent posted in a very long time. People can be atheists in the 21st centry as it's their choice and what they want. You may not like but thats reality
  8. ShadowFoxz

    Mega Thread Everypony's Religion And Why?

    I take to heart the parts where we are responsible to ourselves, we owe no god or deity anything. I also value liberty. I feel we use steal others liberty and judgement by indocrinating others. My path was nobody's but my choice.
  9. ShadowFoxz

    Mega Thread Everypony's Religion And Why?

    Because I believe in both Satanism's and Atheism's Values and principals of life. Doing so has allowed me to fine tune myself as I dont listen to binarized structures
  10. ShadowFoxz

    Mega Thread Everypony's Religion And Why?

    I am a Atheist/Satanist, I chose the path as I value the truth and science as well as well as to revolt agaisnt the stereotypes surrounding us Satanists/Atheists and teach critcal thinking and deciding things for yourself.
  11. ShadowFoxz

    Ask @Vinyl Scratch

    Sleeping/ reading XD I work alot and tend to busy almost all the time so tend to throw on my PJs and read a book until i fall asleep
  12. I wouldn't mind passing my wisdom although I don't do it anymore
  13. ShadowFoxz

    Your opinion on "the anti brony brotherhood"

    I believe that even though they are a hate group they do carry some valid arguments and points towards the brony community.
  14. ShadowFoxz

    Parlez-vous francais?

    Ca ^ tout les regles qui change XD
  15. ShadowFoxz

    i hate splinters

    Have a pencil, ruler,binder etc? those work too or you could speak to you teacher