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  1. Hi there, I'd like to share my new cover of "The Heart Carol" song. Hope you'll like it! And wish you a great Christmas-time!
  2. Hi there! It's been so long from the last mlp stuff I've done This time I've made kind of story of sisters reunion, which is separated on 5 key parts/steps: 1.Nightmare 2.Confrontation 3.Banished 4.Forgiveness 5.We must rule together Steps of this story not particularly follow the original story, but..who cares?) Btw, it would be curious to know which part or parts you like the most, so write it in the comments. Hope you enjoy!
  3. Heh..I have a few classmates who really go mad when I with my friends talking about ponies, or when we come to the college in pony t-shirt:) I like it!
  4. Hah:) I just was kidding! I thinks she looks pretty nice with hoody too. "Hoody girl" lol)) Probably I chose this picture exactly because of hoody.
  5. Favorite Main Pony: Twilight Favorite Secondary Character: Luna Favorite Tertiary Background Character: Octavia, Lyra.
  6. Last movie I watched was "Have Dreams,Will Travel" with AnnaSophia Robb. After seeing "Bridge to Terabithia" I really liked Robb and started to watch all films where she was starred. Really beautiful actress and almost all films with her are great:)
  7. Yeah..A True True Friend made me tear up the first time I watched it. And BBBFF is really sad song which made me cry one time too.
  8. 60% Rarity - I worry about the little things..I want everything to be and looks perfect..Also I create she makes dresses. 25% Applejack - Honest, first to myself. 15% Fluttershy - have a little least had earlier:)
  9. Hey-hey-hey...) There my avatar on wallpaper. Who stole my avatar,ha? Why is then Fluttershy without glasses when others with?) Though, in a whole.. pretty nice wallpaper!
  10. Actually, I don't believe in bad luck or something similar.. but I really bad slept at night because of severe thunderstorm and I feel sick since I woke up. I'm lucky:))
  11. I think, it's pretty cool:) Portrait looks really nice and qualitatively as for me. You have a talent!
  12. Hm..I played in Portal..but didn't pay attention on soundtrack. And I have not heard anything about this composer. Ought to listen his music))