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  1. MLPRainbowDash

    Do you have any plants?

    I have a few cannabis plants and some cacti mostly for the smell and to make money
  2. MLPRainbowDash

    Faded makes an OC!

    oh mah gerd its sooooo amazing i wanna cri evri tiem
  3. MLPRainbowDash

    You just got kissed by your favorite pony. What do you do?

    I would like totally freak out and like ponygasm all over the place and like throw a party form myself and my pet rock and then the next day i would go talk to her and I would ship us (ME x Rainbow Dash)
  4. MLPRainbowDash

    Potato Fan club

    This thread is were we devote our love to all potato kind... No racism we like all potatoes here I.E; Red potatoes, Mashed potatoes ETC.... so on this thread we shall talk about potatoes and NO OTHER VEGETABLE especially CORN. We hate corn with a passion. Now that you have read this whole thing you have automatically signed the contract saying you are now part of this club and cannot leave. Thanks for your time reading this and enjoy your stay.
  5. MLPRainbowDash

    Has Any Pony been to Any Convention?

    I have never been to a convention BUT.... I'm going to the one and only BRONYCON this year )))) I'm soooo excited to go hopfully i get to meet forum members there.
  6. MLPRainbowDash

    Gaming Anyone play...? (Game list)(all PC)

    i play LoL minecraft and no more room in hell my steam is vgxpredator
  7. MLPRainbowDash

    Who Are Your Best Friends On The Forums?

    Well and @Makusu2 they are cool (shout out to them) they ary probably MY best friends on the forums (no one can have them!!! They are MINE!!!!) lol soooo yea
  8. MLPRainbowDash

    Which pony would you marry?

    Here is a simple answer ALL OF THEM... ALL THE PONIZ SHALL BE MINE FOREVER AND EVER (espspecially rainbowdash DUH!) but really i want them all (like pokemon)
  9. MLPRainbowDash

    My first fan art.

    its acually really good for a first time and no your handwriting doesnt suck (your makes mine look like crap) but i hope you make more /)
  10. MLPRainbowDash

    Views on Shipping?

    i dont know what shipping even is XD lol could anypony care to tell me??? i have heard alot about it and i have had a few ideas but i dont think they are correct
  11. MLPRainbowDash

    Rate how much you like the user above you.

    10 (my xbox GT is the same as your name)
  12. MLPRainbowDash

    General Who's in a relationship?

    im single anytakers im avilble but sadly i have not really been in a realationship but i really want one? any tips ( i would really like to find a pegisister)
  13. MLPRainbowDash

    OOC Ask any Pony on a Date!

    so who wants to go on a date?
  14. MLPRainbowDash

    Pegasister girlfriend or Brony Boyfriend

    i think i would go for both but i would prefer a pegisister but if it wasnt i would want her to not make fun of it but if she is a pegisister it would make the relationship about 20% cooler
  15. MLPRainbowDash

    New Here Any Tips?

    my only tip for you is just be yourself if you want to post on a thread do it, if you want to start a new thread DO IT