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  1. Neon followed the group deeper into the cave. It was pretty creepy... and, also cold. She looked around the cave, things seemed to start to feel different...The walls looking...Less, cave-like, which was the only word she could think of to describe it. She looked forward and saw a stone door with statues right by it, weird. Neon waited to see what the other ponies had to say about what Clover had said, about rather they should go back or not. She thought they should just stay, digging through all those rocks to try and get out seemed impossible. She looked shocked as she saw the statues were...No longer statues. Although, at least it seemed they weren't to dangerous.
  2. Neon listened to Steel as he started telling the story of the mare with the golden hoof. Her parents never told her stories really, so...She didn't know much about this story. A shiver ran through her...Not from the cold but from the eerie voice. "What..The heck was that?" She looked around the group, it didn't seem like it was any of them who had said it, it didn't sound like them. She thought it must just be a prank, like Clover said. She looked around cave when she heard the voice again...Where was it coming from? She turned to where she heard the rumbling and saw the cave entrance collapse. She took a couple steps back then stomped her hoof angrily "I'm beginning to think hanging out with you guys is bad luck" She sighed "No offence.." She turned around and looked farther down the cave... "Alright...Let's go farther down the dark cave...I'm sure nothing will go wrong down there.." She said sarcastically. She wasn't in the best mood, considering everything happening, all the bad luck. And, also, because she often isn't in the best mood when she doesn't get enough rest. She tried to make herself think positively tho, maybe nothing bad will happen, maybe their luck will change and they will actually find a way out without any trouble...Maybe...She wasn't vary good at being positive.
  3. Neon got up and stepped back as she saw the monster diamond dog. She looked at it scared then grabbed a glass cup of the table with her mouth, throwing it at the monster dog. It hit it but of course didn't do anything, nothing was doing anything to it. As the others decided to leave she followed. As she followed them she shivered from the cold, and from being frightened about what had just happened...Or, everything that had just happened. 'Of course when we find somewhere nice it just had to be attacked by a monster diamond dog..' Neon thought (OOC: Sorry i haven't been on much! D: Anddd, now i'm thinking about Frozen while reading the posts...I have seen that movie 3 times, haha)
  4. As soon as the Diamond Dogs left and everything seemed fine Neon sat down and shivered a bit from the cold. She was tired and wished she could just snuggle up in a warm bed and sleep. When North introduced his friend she waved hi then got up with a sigh when the group decided to follow Norths friend "I hope this place isn't to far away..." Neon said to herself, but she had a feeling it wouldn't be too close.. Neon followed the group but stayed a little bit behind, she was still pretty tired but the cold air that made her shiver kept her awake. As she walked she hummed random tunes so she had something to do. When a pegasi came down a spoke something she hoped it was something good..
  5. (Sorry i haven't posted for a wile...I have been a little busy d: ) "I did bring them but they were on our ship when it...exploded" Neon said sadly thinking about what had happened. Neon was surprised when 3 animals had burst out of the snow, after looking at them more she saw they looked like diamond dogs. She wondered what they were doing here, most likely here to kill them or something since it seems like everything is out to get the group. But, whatever they were here for Neon got ready to help attack
  6. Neon waited as Clockwork checked who was at the door. When they came in she saw that it was the ponies that had been here before, she wondered why they were here...and considering they came back so fast she was worried it was for a bad reason. As they told Clockwork what had happened Neon got frightened...All this was so creepy. She was glad she stayed with Clockwork cause now she really didn't want to be alone
  7. Neon held on to the ship as it shook. When serpent started attacking she wasn't sure what to do, she wasn't a unicorn and wasn't sure where weapons are, if there is weapons on the ship...not that she was that great with weapons. She just stood back cause she noticed Clover had a spell to stop him. When everything was fine and they were heading towards the North again Neon sighed, so many things had been happening...She wished she was a unicorn so she could help out more. Neon thought maybe Steel could give her a couple lessons on how to use a sword, he had taught her how to use the...she tried to think of the name of the thing but couldn't....Round weapon thing... @@Steel Accord, Neon trotted up to steel "Hey, do you think you could teach me some tips for using a sword? If we ever have time during all this craziness that is"
  8. @@Midnight Scribbler, @@Lucid Dream, Neon followed Clockwork. When they stopped at the machine she looked at it...It was so.. interesting and looked sorta futuristic, she had never seen anything like it. Neon looked over at Clockwork as he explained what the machine did "Wow...that is pretty awesome" She smiled. It was hard to believe it could do all that so she really wanted to see it actually work, if it did work.. it seemed impossible to make something like this machine but Clockwork had made his wings so she believed that it would work. As the machine powered up she looked over at Clockwork. When he smiled she smiled back and was surprised when suddenly he shouted. She was confused at first and wondered who he was shouting at until she looked to where he was looking and saw a stallion. She wondered why the stallion had been here and when he said why she didn't really believe him
  9. @@Midnight Scribbler, "Yea, sorry...i have always had a problem with saying things before i thought them through" Neon chuckled "Sure" She replied then stood up. Neon wondered what else Clockwork had made...And wondered how he was even able to think of and make these things, like his wings.
  10. @@Midnight Scribbler, "Oh, no.. Sorry, i was using that word a lot...I think you're pretty awesome for making all these things" Neon smiled. She didn't mean to offend him...She knew she had a bad habit of saying things before she even thought it through. Neon felt sorta awkward cause she didn't know what to say next "Uh, yea...Sorry"
  11. @@Midnight Scribbler, Neon walked into the room and looked around, it was pretty nice...Much better then the hotel she had been staying at. She looked over at Clockwork as he explained his wings "They are surgically implanted? Wow...That's sorta creepy but, pretty awesome" Neon looked at Clockworks wings as he extended them out. She thought it was so cool how he was able to make wings that worked. Neon sat on the bed, it was pretty comfy. She looked up at Clockwork and smiled "Thanks for letting me stay here"
  12. @@Midnight Scribbler, Neon laughed "Well, you have to be pretty smart to make those wings! How do they work anyways?" She asked then followed Clockwork to the room she would be staying. "And...again, i'm sorry about your assistant...I hope we will be able to find out what has been happening to these ponies"
  13. @@Steel Accord, Neon saw some water splash up then something had come on to the ship, she saw it was a serpent... and she thought for sure the group would have to fight him. But, after he had spoken she was confused, he sure didn't seem like he would hurt any of the group but why was he here. "Who are you? And...why are you here?" She asked
  14. @@Midnight Scribbler, "Sounds good" Neon smiled a bit "You know you're sorta creepy in a mad scientist like way" She laughed "No offence" She was just joking but he did remind her of a mad scientist a bit. She looked around the place then looked back at Clockwork "So, where will i be staying?"
  15. @@Midnight Scribbler, Neon looked over a muddle and noticed she seemed to be talking to herself, other ponies noticed and mentioned that her shadow looked different, Neon thought so to but didn't say anything... When ponies started leaving Neon thought about what she was going to do, she had been staying at a old hotel cause it was the only one she could afford at the moment, but the place freaked her out and it would be even more freaky now that she knows more about these disappearances. She looked over at Clockwork "Hey, so, i was just wondering if maybe i could stay here...I would stay at my hotel but, its old a creepy and i'm pretty sure its haunted" Neon laughed a bit "It was the only hotel i could afford, but! tomorrow i should be getting payed from a couple of DJing jobs, so, i can stay at a nicer whats her name said..." Neon thought for a moment on what her name was then remembered "Selune said it would probably be safer to stay in numbers" Neon wondered if she really should be asking to stay with Clockwork, since she did just meet him but...he seemed pretty nice and it would probably only be for 1 day