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  1. I'm prbbly not original, but your avatar is awesome!

    Also I found your DA gallery and must say I'm impressed ^w^

  2. Princess Periwinkle

    Books Housepets Webcomic

    I think I've seen a smaller version of that image somewhere on these forums... Slightly up and to the left, actually.
  3. I wouldn't follow a thread purely because I started it, only if I was really interested in what the replies might be.
  4. Season 3 was the epitome of the show as far as I'm concerned. Everything after that seemed lackluster and uninteresting to me. I never finished season 4 after cringing through as many episodes as I could, and never started season 5. You could argue that I changed and not the show - and I would agree with you for the most part. I think a lot of why people believe the show is in decline is just those people getting older.
  5. I compare myself to a grape. The more you think about it, the more it makes sense.
  6. Great avatar owo

    1. Princess Periwinkle

      Princess Periwinkle

      Thanks, I'm quite the fan myself. x3

  7. Oh goodness, your avatar is so cute :}

    1. Princess Periwinkle
    2. Princess Periwinkle

      Princess Periwinkle

      Agh, and I've already changed it again! Such is life.

  8. Princess Periwinkle

    Books Housepets Webcomic

    In honor of today's comic, who wins, Pit or Pit? vs. I'm going with Pit.
  9. Golden retriever named Casey. We got him on my second birthday... He was a great dog.
  10. Wow, Inside Out is getting crazy good reviews. I wanna see it now.

    1. MLPFanatic34


      OMG me too!!! It looks like such a cute movie, plus I love the emotions.

    2. Princess Periwinkle

      Princess Periwinkle

      Also it has Phyllis from The Office and Leslie from Parks and Rec so you know it has to be good.

    3. MLPFanatic34


      Yeah Sadness, she's so adorable I also find Disgust and Joy cute.

  11. Summer. I can't stand the cold. I can take 110 like a champ but around 20 I start hating my life.
  12. Webcomics, and music sometimes. Mostly webcomics.
  13. Dat Derpy, tho.<3

    1. Princess Periwinkle
    2. Koukatsu


      I stole your wallpaper for my tablet. D:

      Is too cute. :x

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