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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

  3. Merry Birthiversary!

  4. Starswirl the Bearded, because he's kind of a jerk but you like him anyways, which is how literally everyone I've ever known has described me probably. This thread is 1913 pages long. My question is, what do you think will last longer: MLP:FIM, or this thread?
  5. I am an atheist, but sometimes I think about maybe beginning to practice a religion that doesn't exist anymore, or is dying out. Start publicly worshiping the ancient Greco-Roman Gods, or the Norse Pantheon, or the Egyptian Gods. Maybe build a small Aztec temple. There's a Christian denomination known as the Shakers, part of their belief system includes complete celibacy by all members, meaning they can only increase their flock by conversion. There are only two of them left. I just feel like, man, that sucks, you know? Maybe I should restart one of these religions, I kind of feel bad that they're not taken seriously anymore. We call the ancient Greek gods and goddesses "mythology". The only difference between them and modern-day religions is that there are still people practicing the modern-day ones. There is the same amount of evidence available to support the existence of Zeus or Thor or Anubis or Quetzalcoatl as there is for "God". I say it's long past time some of these ancient religions got a revival. Maybe 2000 years from now there will be a completely different set of religions dominating the globe and bored kids in history class will learn about ancient Christian/Islamic/Jewish/Hindu mythology. Who knows?! But at least they'll know that even we today still make fun of the Scientologists.
  6. Happy B - Day, Floaty!!!

  7. Reagan for me, but I don't remember him, or George H.W. Bush (I was born in 87). My first memories of the President were of Clinton. I participated in the Nickelodeon Kid's Vote in 1996 though, where you could cast a vote for a candidate (despite it not meaning anything). I remember I voted for Bob Dole, because I thought his name was funnier. Looking back, I'm glad it didn't count.
  8. When I get knocked down, I get up again. They're never gonna keep me down. Chumbawumba were truly philosophers unheralded in their own time. A thousand years from now, people will speak of these wordsmiths as we speak of Socrates, or Nietzsche, or Shatner.
  9. When I saw this thread's name, my first thought was that it was referring to nuclear fusion, and I was going to say that maybe Equestria should focus on stabilizing it's level and distribution of existing technology before branching out into nuclear-generated power. However, what you seem to be suggesting is some sort of Power Rangers/Megatron-esque melding of the Mane 6 into one, and I think that is a little silly. Combining them into a single entity, even temporarily, would defeat the message of the show. They are all different, but unite in their differences as friends to meet challenges. They do this while still remaining true to themselves. To wash all of that out by turning them into one giant pony would sap their greatest strength: their own personalities.
  10. I wanted to pick one team from every division, so I had to decide what team best emphasized enjoying the sport over winning at any cost. The Red Sox, especially the last 20 years or so, have generally been great at team chemistry (leaving aside the disastrous year of Bobby Valentine). The 2003-2009 teams especially were like that. They were always having fun. There were no Yankee-esque facial hair codes, no one wore suits off the field, guys were just relaxed all the time, and it let them play baseball very well. Not being uptight will do that to you. Plus, the Sox were the best option simply because none of the other AL East teams really embody any of RD's qualities. The Yankees are stolid, boring, and too focused on winning and money to be friends. The Rays are too new to have a solid team history. The Blue Jays are cocky (and rightfully so) but without being likable about it. And the Orioles' manager is just a jerk. As for the Royals, they have the Rainbow Dash-like ability to win in interesting ways without losing the core sportsmanship. They also emphasize speed over power in their gameplay, and we all know who that sounds like! The Reds were harder, but I had little choice. The Cardinals are basically the Yankees of the NL. The Brewers have very little integrity in team leadership. Their biggest player and clubhouse leader is Ryan Braun, and he is an unapologetic rule-breaker who has already been suspended. The Pirates would have been a good choice, but they have been the underdog for a long time, and while RD has been the underdog in her attempts to be a Wonderbolt, otherwise she is very capable, so I didn't think she'd fit. And finally, there are the Cubs, and the Cubs are basically the embodiment of institutional failure at every level. The Reds don't heavily represent any particular facet of RD's personality, but they have enough small amounts of each to be a respectable choice, given the alternatives. Seriously, who wants to be the Cubs? Even the Cubs don't want to be the Cubs.
  11. She's competitive, cocky, and athletic, yet shes likable enough about it that you don't hate her for it like you would someone who was just a jerk. She always plays to win, but with scrupulous sportsmanship and an understanding that in the end, fun is fun. So I'd say, from each division: Red Sox Royals Astros Nationals Reds Rockies Definitely not the Yankees, Cardinals, or Braves. Some teams are just humorless and unlikable.
  12. Even if Celestia should be punished (and I do not agree with that premise), we've seen pretty clearly that Equestria doesn't really do that sort of thing on a grand scale. Criminals, villains, and wrongdoers are dealt with in other ways. Discord simply renounces his old ways and pinkie-swears-cross-my-heart-hope-to-die that he won't try to take over Equestria again, and everyone just sort of accepts that. Sunset Shimmer literally attempts to enslave an entire school and when she apologizes, everyone says "huh, okay, that's cool I guess. No hard feelings." Starlight Glimmer uses advanced magic to tamper with the very fabric of reality, causing unimaginable suffering to countless ponies in countless alternate timelines, as revenge for Twilight ruining her plans to forcibly impose her will on an isolated village of emotionally and mentally abused ponies. Then she is stopped, and after a two-minute speech by Twlight, she is sentenced for her become their new bestest friend! The only options to punish wrongdoers in Equestria seem to be heartfelt personality changes brought on by short speeches (Starlight Glimmer, Sunset Shimmer), heartfelt personality changes brought on by a combination of speeches and having the crap kicked out of you (Nightmare Moon, Discord), being basically ignored (Trixie), or being violently destroyed (Sombra, Tirek). I really think there should be some other option. Maybe at least put a parole ankle-bracelet on someone after they try to magically murder you not just once, but in 10000 different timelines?
  13. I hate math, so I would prefer that my ice was not cubed, or even squared. I only use ice in the shape of human skulls, so while I drink I can eat them and pretend I am mercilessly crushing the heads of my enemies. On a related note, there is an upper limit to how much maniacal laughter you can express over a soda before you are permanently banned from a restaurant.
  14. I once stomped an enemy to death, one I could have simply jumped over and moved past. Then I rendered another enemy unconscious, and used his body to bludgeon several others.