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    also if you look at my page or comment on my stuff tell me how you found me..please

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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. How thoroughly do they investigate disappearances? Still the same as 3 years ago?

  3. I just patented ant technology,easy buck I ever made 


  4. shout-out to the heterosexual community,keep it up y'all

    1. Scrubbed user
    2. Clod


      uh, thanks i guess

    3. Teen Buscemi

      Teen Buscemi

      oh you know it boy. slap me some skin on the black side

  5. DAMN! I've been gone for too long man!

  6. Ugh,I've been gone for so long! How's you...yourself?

  7. Shit,the sites starting to become tumblr...

  8. Dammit,I'm gonna miss the Crispin Glover AMA on Wednesday!

  9. I'm gonna start a band and we'll only play song from old-timey radio commercials.

  10. The spectral plain: A three-way mirror

  11. Just heard gunshots near my house...not gonna lie,there's a little bit of pee comin' out of me.

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    2. Teen Buscemi

      Teen Buscemi

      Oh,yeah. Several people reported it and I spent quite some time on the floor!

    3. Nuke87654


      Make sure you have it locks and be aware of your environment so you can prepare yourself however you can for your safety and life.

    4. Teen Buscemi

      Teen Buscemi

      Yep,the house is armed (security system) and I'm alert!

  12. I just got the end of the MST3K live stream...14 episodes