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    also if you look at my page or comment on my stuff tell me how you found me..please

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  1. Teen Buscemi

    What is your favorite soft drink flavour?

    Dr.Pepper flavor,it's the best!
  2. Teen Buscemi

    Would you sell your soul to Devil to find love?

    I'd sell my soul for a can of Dr.pepper. I wouldn't even limit it to Satan, I'd sell my soul to anyone! (yes,anyone) So,yes,I would sell my soul for love.
  3. Teen Buscemi

    International Talk Like a Pirate Day

    Har! I've heard tell of such a day since I was a wee one! As,me birthin' day occurs on the same day! Translation: I know about this because my birthday is the same day and I've had a lot of pirate-birthday parties.
  4. Teen Buscemi

    Music They Might be giants (boy)

    Are you re-watching the "Kablam!" segment for "Dr.worm" on youtube? If so I recommend that you watch the official video (on Youtube) because the audio quality is so much better! Also, I love "Dr.worm" as well (yes,because of the trumpets).
  5. Teen Buscemi

    Music They Might be giants (boy)

    Presenting... THE WORLDS GREATEST THREAD FOR THE WORLDS GREATEST BAND! well,not the greatest band,they're certainly good though! Yes,now you have a thread that will be stuffed to the brim with some of the finest music in music history! okay well not the...no that's an accurate description. So go forth fellow Bronies and discuss and talk of your favorite TMBG songs! My personal favorite song of the Johns's is "Can't Keep Johnny down",because I love the Narrator's thoughts of being oppressed even though he has a huge sense of entitlement (it reminds me a lot of "I should be allowed to think").
  6. Teen Buscemi

    The Seattle Mystery Vending machine!

    Oh,that's odd. I'll see what I can do about that,but for now you can just google image the machine or look it up on Atlas Obscura.
  7. Teen Buscemi

    The Seattle Mystery Vending machine!

    Yes,but tea isn't soda. (check the wording of what I quoted)
  8. Teen Buscemi

    The Seattle Mystery Vending machine!

    Well,it dispenses tea sometimes.
  9. Ladies an' Gents I present to you... http://www.atlasobscura.com/places/mystery-soda-machine The mystery soda machine! It's been spotted in the Seattle (by the Broadway Locksmith),take note of the odd buttons labeled "Mystery". It is said that these queer (strange) buttons dispense perplexing drinks,most aren't even coke products and some don't even exist on the commercial market! Thoughts,anyone? *The machine now has some graffiti on and all of the buttons are labeled "mystery"*
  10. Teen Buscemi

    What is your favorite drink?

    Dr.pepper...without a doubt! However, I recently started really enjoying Arnold Palmers (half ice tea and half lemonade)
  11. Teen Buscemi

    General Why did you choose your username?

    I came up with my name whilst listening to the musical "Chicago" (Specifically, the song "Razzledazzle")
  12. Teen Buscemi

    Post an uncommon word, and use it in a sentence.

    The show I saw the other day was effervescent!
  13. Teen Buscemi

    One ring to suspend them all :/

    Um...that's sheer coincidence,the Texas-ed system is pretty (I know from first-hand experience!)
  14. Teen Buscemi

    Movies/TV Mystery science theater 3,000

    No...the Room is to obvious,how about "Dr.who and the Daleks" (That movie was awfully-laughable) or ,"Mangos: the cans of fruit"...no,wait that's not the title (What was that movie called?)