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  1. Welcome to the forums kind sir. While you're correct on this being the wrong area to post this, (Try cloudsdale arena I think) I'm happy that you've decided to show up here. And PC gaming? Feel free to hit me up for TF2 if you're down. Steam ID's on my profile.
  2. That ending to the finale though, god, if the OP-recolor scheme wasn't anything other than to promote toys, then I'll be surprised

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    2. Psychotic Muffin

      Psychotic Muffin

      And really, I shouldn't be surprised, the whole point of the TV show was for Hasbro to cash in on a franchise that was meant to sell toys since it was first brought into existence back in the 80's.

    3. Swick (ded)

      Swick (ded)

      That's true, they did do way more than they really needed to in order to sell toys.

    4. Trevor Bright

      Trevor Bright

      The big fight scene was a little over the top as well. All the lasers and magic, I thought I was watching a Michael Bay production for a moment or so.

  3. Do you even DARK SOULS! SOMEONE NEEDS A PRESCRIPTION OF GITTING GUD!!! But uh... I see someone has the hots for me.
  4. I'm happy you're so excited to be here! This is a great place to meet others interested in MLP! Name's Psycho, and I hope you enjoy you're time here.
  5. Killing Floor 2's just been announced?! OH GOD HOW DO I THROW MY MONEY AT THEM!

    1. Panne


      What's Killing Floor?

    2. Psychotic Muffin

      Psychotic Muffin

      A fantastic wave-survival game, created by Tripwire Interactive, you can get it on Steam if you PC Game.

  6. Welcome to the forums! I see that you said you like to draw, we got a whole forum section dedicated to users sharing artwork, and I'd heavily encourage you to check it out. Hope you enjoy your time here!
  7. Worry not, I'm sure you'll have a great time on this site. Speaking of TF2, head over to one of the SteamID sharing threads if you'd like to find some more people to play games w/.
  8. I'll hopefully be the first to tell you that I'm sure you'll enjoy it here! Name's PsychoMuffin, hope you have a good time here.
  9. Can't say I've met any bronies/pegasisters, but I've seen some girl go around w/ a RD backpack at my school. Still working up the courage to talk to her without coming off as awkward. :okiedokielokie:
  10. Steam: PsychoMuffin I get on as often as the sun rises, feel free to add me if'n you're interested in playing some games.
  11. Next week is going to filled w/ AP Exams. It is during this time I pray to every imaginable god in hopes that I might actually pass.

  12. Ever since Dark Souls 2 came out on PC, i don't think I've stepped outside without checking for a bonfire. I think I might want to take a break...

  13. I feel like I'm the only person who's liked the Daring Don't episode this season. :/