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  1. Heya Everybeing it has been quite long i haven't been in these amazing parts of the internet,and with such dedication i am here to announce and launch something new. Onto many keys of knowledge,many care about governamental affairs and political disorder to be a key in society ,i personally believe that happiness should be key,i've through these years of life and many hospitilizations ,that happiness heals the inner and outer being. It makes them smile, be proud and even sometimes , share beautiful moments of love . I have dedicated many moments of my life in making beings happy and even save some from making the worst choice in their life. I believe that everybeing can achieve everything they want,that includes you and the whole wide population of beings . I believe in you , that you can achieve everything, i will support you no matter what and onto these subjects.If you ever need some cheering up ,i am always here ,i may seem young,but i have dealt with much older beings than me.You are all my family,my inspiration,my love.I,Afrox Jones,Thank you for reading this and love everyone and each of you amazingly beautiful beings <3 if this wonderful website let's me,i would love to do these everyday,for those who might need it :3
  2. [Now Downloadable] This release is brightfully thought and took quite the time to make,but in the result of these efforts,came a good grade and fusion between the underground beats of Bristol and my newly envisioned style of Drum and Bass,I gladly present you this song and ask you too pump these subwoofers and headphones,for a divine yet dark bass experience :3 Thanks to my Testers for Listening to this song and telling me what to adapt,feedback is greatly appreciated and makes every artist better Dedicated to:…etie-chronicles and my Eternal Love to all of those who support me .Keep following,it helps :3,Thank you all very much.
  3. This release is fully heartfelt and remodeled to a new horizon of progressive house,several days of constructive work and effort have been put into a song that hopefully will move you and make you feel chills,in unpresented ways ,prepare my house comrades for one hell of a ride Original Song: David-granados-2 – Its-not-like-i-like-you-or Thanks to my bro,Captivated for being an inspiration as always
  4. Do not let the name fool you,this song is heavy in bass and the drop will and i repeat will catch you off guard,wear you're bass helmets everybody because you are about to get blowed the shit away,i hope you will enjoy this song,this is great progress to me and as left a good mark inside me a scar of pride, enjoy this bass music my good audiophiles Original Animated
  5. this is emotional,relaxing and well executed i love that synth :3 keep it up bro its awesome how you get into psyche it is beautiful
  6. Thank bro lovely review :3 honest and beautiful ,im looking forward to seeing you on soundcloud i just started getting more into the electro house genre ,i usually focus on experimental dubstep and new electronic styles but next song is house for sure
  7. woah im really happy you liked it :3 never thought someone would want to dance to one of my song you are awesome for saying this
  8. A remix i made of rainbow factory in less than 2 hours would love some honest feedback ,and as always i love all of you and hope you enjoy this as much as i did making it
  9. I am an experimental music producer always trying to create new style and other times making current styles (Dubstep, Trap, Hip-Hop, and more). I make my songs with my heart and soul,i always try to make each one different from each other I started out as a drawer but always wanted to master all arts and be a multi-artist at least that's where im headed i love everybody, and am making sprites for free to make people happy :3 in Elite Harmony i love all you
  10. Dedicated to all bronies and brony musicians and new musicians towards the future we go fighting everyday with our hopes and music,i love you all so much you are my Golden harvest of admiration If you enjoyed please subscribe it helps alot thanks bros and sisters :3 heres my soundcloud :
  11. the meaning of power seems to bother others in a way that i must explain,the meaning of power is to control thyself and no other

  12. Life is fun when you make others happy :3