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  1. Banned for turning Fluttershy into a warrior.
  2. Official charges against Justin Drew Bieber: Driving while under the influence of alcohol Drag Racing on Miami city streets Speeding (60MPH in a 30MPH zone) Driving while under the influence on non-medical marijuana and nonessential prescription medication Resisting arrest (He started cursing out the officer) Other Charges Not Related To Miami Incident: Property Damage ($20,000 egging a neighbors house) Misdemeanor #1 (Attacked a photographer while in a shopping mall with Selena Gomez) Misdemeanor # 2 (Spat on a neighbors face during a verbal conflict) Current Bail: $2,500 Bieber is NOT currently in prison, however, he was seen being escorted by correctional officers out of the jail. (No surprise here) He was also seen waving to fans as he left the premises. God I hate him so much.
  3. I agree with Scootalove on this one. The climax for the CMC episodes could very well be the biggest plot point in the shows history. It may show an imbalance of how close each one of them is to achieving their goals. I'd want to see Sweetie Belle gain hers first. She is the closest, in my opinion. Her natural vocal talent could serve her very well in an episode where, yet again, they sing about working towards their marks, but this time, she gets a solo, and during that solo, suddenly cliff drop and she gets it. I'm sure things could go one of two ways here. Either: A. Sweetie Belle and the other two part ways until AB and Scoots get their cutie marks B. SB works together with the other two to help them until they both get theirs. Option B is much more likely, as the show is, no matter how many bronies there are, oriented to a generation that still has many things to learn about friendship. I could also see a mini-series go inside the plot, where in the background of episodes you see the CMC doing numerous activities, and occasionally checking for a cutie mark. Every once in a while it's good to check back, though, and so I'd say every five episodes could be a CMC episode. Although our anticipation is great, it's still fun to watch the writers play out the antics of the three fillies, and I honestly enjoy them not obtaining them more than I would if they did. It adds a lot to the series. As a final note, I've seen a lot of fics where the CMC become an official Equestria-wide group devoted to helping all young ponies find their special talent. That would be an incredible finale for when all members of the base CMC find out their special talents, and in truth, their special talent is to help other ponies find their special talent. It would make a massive plot point and allow the writers to keep expanding on the escapades of the three.
  4. I'm tired but no idea why. Cannot sleep and nothing appeals to my interest. Could it be I've given up?

  5. After looking through both threads it seems like you and ~OnylexOmnyPony have a point. It's mighty useless to have a thread dedicated to trying to find a special somepony. If you happen to find someone on here, that's fantastic and I congratulate you on your success, but it shouldn't be a big topic of discussion. If people need advice on their current relationships, that's fine, but trying to have it so people can get a relationship through this site is not ideal. There's a reason online dating sites like Match.com and eHarmony were invented.
  6. That's incredible. I wonder if there are any other designs like that of other characters. If so, I would kill to see them.
  7. My guitar broke, taking it to the luther today.

  8. Rarity, because: 1. Her influence on the series has been minimal recently. She didn't even get her own episode in Season 3. 2. She can be very pompous and self-centered, even though her Element is Generosity. 3. Too proper in comparison to the rest of the cast. 4. Her reactions (or rather overreactions) to everything are funny in small portions, but dosed out in the way it is becomes a hassle to watch and listen to.
  9. Just some more works I've composed and run through the music programs I have. These are electronic versions of real-life music from either video games or albums, so if you recognize the titles or the similarities in music, that explains it. Downloads are welcome, reviews are also quite welcome and much appreciated. Embrace the Night, Darkest Star
  10. Banned for having a Rainbow Factory quote in your signature.
  11. Banned for banning for using bans as a birthday present
  12. Banned for having this thread go on for 3334 pages