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  1. "Well my name is Luna Lights" I said. "I was running through the forest I had heard some noises that startled me. " The two ponies were talking. " Did I make a friend" she thought. "sooo umm what's your name" i asked the pony.She answered politely. Luna got out of the water to get her towel. She was clean but cold. Shivering she began to walk back to her tent. She said to the pony " would you like to come back to my tent?" The other pony got out of the water. As they walked back they were laughing and smiling, she was so happy she finally able to speak up for herself. As they got back from the tent I thought i would start a fire and heat up some water and make tea. Luna asked the pony " do you like a tea?" They pony gave a confused look. "trust me you'll like it" Luna said. as they fire heated the small silver kettle, she went into the tent to get her small book. She began to write. At the high noon of the day she was getting hungry. She couldnt live off of chips and poptarts forever. She asked the pony " do you know any good places to eat?" the pony started to think.
  2. "What wait what" Luna said being shaken. She looked up to see another pegasus. "What time is it" you say to the pegasus. She answers politely. Not even realizing that now it is dusk. "Oh my goodness graciousounieus" she said " Im going to be late for the train." She hurried back. She stopped mid in her track. Now she remembered a train wont come in for 2 days. The pegasus started to follow her. I didnt mind. Walking back to the tent to get one of the snacks she brought. Still covered in mud and twings she decided to go take a swim. The water was cold as she dipped her hoove in. She just jumpped in. She watched her dirty coat turn back to a beautiful white and her mane back to the deep midnight blue. Her cutie mark is now visible the dirt covered it up. she was going to the castle to show the Princess her cooking skills. She had been practicing since she was little. She had a blue chefs hat as her cutie mark. The pony was back at the edge of the pond again. The pony was very friendly. Maybe she found a friend. Se never really had a friend. Luna always kept to herself.
  3. (yes she us a pegasus) Stumbling, she looks back up. " a pony" she said loudly " Im here" she screamed. The pony gave her a strange look. She didn't care. Strolling through the town. Finally I made it to Ponyville she was so proud of herself. Now she was going to find a patch of grass to camp out in. Tomarrow she was going to try and catch a train to Canterlot. She wanted to she wanted to show the princess what she had. Finding a patch of grass she pulled out a tent from her side bag. Setting up the tent she her a couple of noises,but nothing terrifying enough to make her look. Going into the tent she pulls out a sleeping bag, a pillow, the lantern, and an old book. She began to write. She found the sound of pen strokes soothing. It was pitch black outside she was scared, but she know how to fight if anything came her way. She was thirsty bringing the ancient lantern she looked for a lake or pond finding one she saw so many new creatures. Insead of going back to her tent she watched the lightning bugs. She grew tired before she knew it she was alseep.
  4. This rp is about a pony who is trying to find her way. Anyone can join. you can use you OC names. My OC name is Luna lights nickname is Luna. " oooowwwwwww" she screams, as she falls ever so gracefully down a steep hill. Luna Lights mane is a deep midnight blue and her coat a glistening white now brown and dirty from falling. This was her first day ever seeing what the forest looked like. She had been stuck up in Cloudsdale her whole life. Her parents were embassadors they traveled between the kingdoms to keep peace and then report back to the princess. Her life was a confusing mess. So while her parents were away in the Crystal Empire she left. As she wonders through the forest it gets darker with every move she makes.The skyline was setting to an intense wave of oranges, yellows, and pinks. Wondering tired, hungry, scared she floating she she can stop walking and to be told there are wolves that dont give up with out a fight. Now dark she finds the small lantern her grandmother gave her to light the way.Hearing a faint noise she speeds up her pace running as fast as she can she stumbles into someone. A pony she sees now she has made it to Ponyville.
  5. WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everypony here is super nice. There are so many things to do here on the forums.
  6. WELCOME!!!!!!!! Everypony here is super nice. There is sooo much to do here. Hope you have a great time!
  7. WELCOME!!!!!!!!! Everypony here is super nice they are sooo helpful. I'm new new too. Everypony is so nice
  8. well thank you to everyone who welcomed me. Hopefully i cant get around easily as all of you
  9. Im new to the the forums. My friend kept nagging me to get a forum. So i did .Thanks DashieHeart. My favorite pony is Twilight Sparkle. I have seen all the seasons to MLP and i am super excited for season 4.