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  1. Oh Internet how I missed you so.

    1. Hyper Tumble

      Hyper Tumble

      We missed you too, man.

  2. Do you know which area the cave is in? or any good land marks that I can go by? If not it's all good I'm just happy to know I can get it in the 4th one!
  3. Uh I don't think they would take so kindly to humans...I mean most of the human race would freak out if talking ponies came to our world. Besides how would they get there anyway? From what I've seen everyone get's turned into a pony when they arrive so.
  4. White-Lightning

    Movies/TV Best/worst of Cartoon Network

    Most of the classics are amazing, but all this new crap like adventure time, the stupid candy island one, teen titans go, but then again I hated ed, edd, and eddy, fosters home, and the other ones like them. I miss Teen Titans.
  5. What console are you on? If your pc I'd love to mash some heads in with you. Anyway sweet videos man, keep up the good work. And how did you get the penotraitor(I obviously can't spell stupid google chrome) ?
  6. It's always getting worse the more they update the worse it gets, it's like a lot of things. Facebook has gone to heck, IOS 7 has gone to heck, the new tab 2 android software (not sure which version) has gone to heck, I don't see why people have to change something good.
  7. White-Lightning

    Hey yall!

    Actually, born in Cali, raised in Texas! But anyone from Alabama is my friend!
  8. White-Lightning

    Hey yall!

    How's it goin! I'm Derek! My Jeep's name will be White Lightning, when I get her. Haha I'm a country boy, I love to hunt, fish, way out in the sticks! Baha great song, anyway I love Jeeps and beautiful girls to go with them Anyway, I do love mlp, BigMac my fav! But yea I'm here just for fun and talk to other people. Nice to meet yall, and I hope we can all be friends
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