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  1. Oooooooohhhh...... I saw this ! I thought they had given up on the game! :0 (Need 100 characters) Gcddetnkkoknvhkjhfddtgfgjhgdwsvnkoihyyh xdfhuhnkolmbvffxdffghhjjjoopl nah
  2. (Sorry if I tricked you into reading this if you thought there really was a video game) I was doing some thinking about the attempt to make that mlp site awhile back, and thought "hey, they should make a video game instead!" You'd customize your own pony and pick a mane and all that, and they'd have cutie marks you could pick from or you could upload your own. Then the mane six and the princesses would have missions for you to do, and there'd be side missions from ponies like derpy or Mr and Mrs Cake. Then there would be mini games that only certain species could do (Ex.magic games for unicorns and flying games for pegasi). There'd also be an option for a big chat room where you could meet up with other players and make them your buddies, and any of your buddies could help you with missions or just hang around with you in Equestria. And you could talk through your headset to other ponies in the chat room and walk around and meet other ponies. And all the pegasi could fly/control weather and the unicorns can make spells/make things float. Pony powers could be... super speed? I'm not super sure about that... Anyways, just putting this out there and curious what's everypony's opinion on this!
  3. I welcome you to our site ^^ // // 0.0 ( )o * * BUNNY XD (I'm only writing this extra stuff because I need 50 characters |:I )
  4. Thank you for the friend add! :D

  5. Name: Indigo Age: 18 Gender: Mare Species: Pegasus Appearance: White fur, blonde mane and tail (put up like applejack's but bit messier), front two legs from the knee down are grey, hind legs from the knee down go in a pattern of pink, white, green, brown, eyes are purple/turquoise (couldn't decide), ears have pink at the tips, then afterwards grey, then just white again. Cutie Mark: Headphones with paintbrush and computer mouse inside, the mark has a full 6-color rainbow behind it, which goes from her butt (lol XD),then behind the mark, then ends at the edge of the hind leg. Bio: As a filly, Indigo lived with her mother, father, and brother in Trottingham. Her father, Brook Trout, was a regular stallion who worked as a fisherman. Her mother Willow was a pegasus who taught little fillies (including her own children). Indigo's brother SpeedySwift was a troublemaking pony, but at times could be kind. One day the family decided to go out on her father's boat for lunch, however, out of nowhere, there came a humugous storm that shook the little fishermans boat. The boat was crashed to bits, and everypony was spread in different directions of the sea. Indigo had washed up on the shore, where her aunt was waiting for her. She had heard about the accident and offered to take Indigo in at her home in Canterlot, but she refused. Instead, Indigo spent many years searching and searching for her lost family, but never found them. She was forced to give up her search once her rent in Trottingham became too high to pay, so she took up on her aunt's offer and lived in Canterlot with her. Up until now, Indigo was just a white blonde-haired blank-flanked pegasus... but it was here in Canterlot where she discovered her real talent was with technology. She studied with other scientists and tried to create new kinds of tech, and became very good at it in only a month. Her aunt kept her up to style by helping her dye her fur the different colours of grey, pink, green... Indigo was finally moving out of her depression and into a better happiness. Other: Since she grew up in Trottingham Indigo is British, and the family members are supposed to represent my own family members