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  1. So, how's the progress going on the app?
  2. There are a few broken songs on's discovery page. Here's a playlist of the ones that are not working properly.
  3. I'm sure that a number of these are planned and some may have been stated before. So I'll just put all my notes into a single post. Feature Requests & Suggestions: Infinte scrolling with the Discover page via ajax. Out of this list, this is the feature I'd like to see the most. A Read API: A JSON GET request for info A Write API: Ability to upload tracks via third party using an Auth system, possibly public/private key combo that is unique to each user An internal Like system in addition to the current Favorites system Add alphabetical searches to the Order list Add a "Classical" genre to the genre list Ability to 'ignore' certain artists so undesired songs won't appear in the user's searches Ability to directly message users on without having to go through the MLPForums Ability to specify a song as a remix and list the original artist when uploading/editing Have the Discover page remember the last search state that was active (the Type/ShowSongs/Genre/IsVocal/Order stuff) Ability to compat the lyrics section after it has been expanded Ability to shrink/expand the list of playlists on the sidebar Have a "Feed" section on the dashboard (possibly above the new songs and popular songs section) that shows the most recent songs of those who you are "Following". Add a replay button that starts the song over without having to re-cache it. Add a paypal/donation button to the about page and a bit of contact info for those who run the site (PM link, maybe email). Add search functionality/a search bar. Ability to delete comments made. Ability to drag and drop songs onto a playlist to add them to it. Add in a context menu (right-click) for tracks for a quick access to common commands, such as: Add to playlist Favorite Get Link (for sharing) View Artist View Album (if applicable) Download +Possibly a context menu for playlists as well - Add current song - Get Link (for sharing) Bugs & Feedback: When switching between ajax pages the active song loses it's highlighted state. Sometimes the music player freezes. Not the whole site, just the playing of audio When trying to save profile settings, having the "Sync my MLP Forums display name with" box ticked gives the error "The display name field is required". That's really all I have for bugs right now... the site is fantastic. Really looking forward to more personalization features!